Burritos & Books!

I’ve been accumulating a list of books to buy for several months now, so when Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr came out today, I had to give in and go to the store. Denver has the most wonderful independent book store, The Tattered Cover (actually there are 3 locations), and the one closest to me inhabits a converted […]


Rewrite Word Count = 26K? How can 26K words be 100 pages? Did I hit a wrong button? My first draft was 67K and hit about 230 pages… That doesn’t add up to me. But it is 1:00AM, so maybe I should try again in the morning.  God, I hope I didn’t delete something and not realize it…  […]


 Being as on-top-of-it as I am, I just discovered that April is National Poetry Month. Doh!So just to keep my tardy rhythm consistent, here’s a poem I wrote – back in 2006. I dunno, it still seems appropriate. ‘Burbia Into the undulating sea we plunge, through the waves of pastel siding and asphalt shingles – […]

Spring into Skin

As soon as it got warm enough, my in-lines came out of the closet. The park by my house is like the Central Park of Denver – nowhere near as big, but sooo nice. It has a two mile circuit of paved road that is almost entirely enclosed from traffic, and a perfect place to […]

How many licks does it take to get to the center…

I just opened up the first draft of my WIP/revision to compare where the story was with page numbers in the latest draft. Yeesh. But then I started reading some of it, and… there was much more Yeesh. BUT, I think I can take this as a sign of how far I’ve come as a […]

Twilight Apoplexy

This is so silly, but I just watched a Twilight teaser on MTV.com and I’m sooooooooo excited for this movie! Almost as excited as I am to read Breaking Dawn when it comes out! I know a lot of people have criticisms about Twilight, and Bella, and the “Stephenie Meyer Hype” but it doesn’t change the […]

Get down, get down…

FINALLY! I’ve been agonizing over this scene all week, trying to approach it from the right angle. Everything I tried sounded stupid and robotic, like I was just spewing information. And the worse part was that I really NEEDED to convey that information – in a non-robotic way. So it finally clicked, and it’s after […]

OT and Progress

 Off Topic: My dad just called me from Syracuse, NY. I was a little frazzled because my dogs had been having a fit barking at: nothing (of course). Anyway, he said hoped he didn’t wake me up, but he just got a strange call with a Colorado area code. I waited. He said nobody answered […]

And then sometimes, it all makes sense…

Revised 1500 words and counting of a crucial scene… okay, they’re all starting to seem crucial. But this all came naturally, and I felt like I didn’t have to do that much! Maybe I actually wrote a whole scene that WORKS! Anyway, that pushed me out of my funk from the last chapter, which was […]