Spring into Skin

As soon as it got warm enough, my in-lines came out of the closet. The park by my house is like the Central Park of Denver – nowhere near as big, but sooo nice. It has a two mile circuit of paved road that is almost entirely enclosed from traffic, and a perfect place to walk/jog/skate/bike. It is also THE place in Denver for people-watching – and baring your pasty winter flesh! So all the girls and guys are noticing each other (or trying to get noticed), right on cue. 

The ogling guys are hysterical, acting as if they’ve never seen an ass and a pair of boobs before. But the girls can be just as bad. The Gucci Death Squads are out, jogging in full makeup and $800 workout clothes. 

There is a high school just off the park, which also ensures that I get to watch plenty of teenagers – yay fun! Of course, you have to be very careful how you do this because teens are so hyper-aware of who might be looking at them at all times. (And you don’t want to look like a scary stalker either). You need sunglasses, and it’s best to do it while passing by or plant yourself in one spot pretending to do something else. My favorite game is finding kids who look like my characters. It’s fun to kind of “see” them and round out your mental image. Although usually I just see bits and pieces.

Anyway, I got my first sunburn of the year, so it’s official – Happy Spring!

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