I forgot how much I love Hooverphonic!  

This is their 1996 video for 2wicky that got me hooked. It came on MTV’s AMP back when the show only came on after midnight on Fridays (I think) . They are roughly considered a trip hop group, and at the time this came out Husband (then Boyfriend) and I were desperately seeking music like this, though we didn’t understand why. We’d wait all week for AMP, settle into my parent’s tv room with our then-hard-to-find Jones Sodas and soak it in. 

Husband/Boyfriend thought I was ridiculous for immediately running out to spend all my babysitting money on the album based on this one song, but he soon “borrowed” the CD from me and I had to marry him to get it back. ;-)

If you take the most direct route from Denver to Taos, NM you must pass through the San Louis Valley, or “The Mysterious Valley” infamous for it’s strange paranormal activity: UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, black helicopters, etc. Somehow Hooverphonic’s albums A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular and Blue Wonder Power Milk became our theme music for travelling through the SLV. So that’s the roundabout way I got to posting this blog. We hadn’t been down in over a year, therefore I hadn’t heard Hooverphonic in just as long. It all came flooding back to me. These albums are spectacular. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Bandelier National Monument

 We’re Back! Left town early and came back same to avoid everyone else…mostly. I always forget what a HUGE weekend this is for Motorcycles. I don’t mind them…except when they makeme go deaf in one ear passing me in the street, and when huge groups take up the entire highway and won’t let you pass… But here is a pic of my favorite part of our trip – I’m calling it The Magnificent Tree:

This Juniper is ancient, but you can see it’s still alive (the green patch growing out of the center). Trees like this seem magical to me. They’ve been around for so long, even way out in the wilderness like this one. You have to wonder what they’ve seen. Even though most of it is skeletal, this tree continues to provide for the forest. Its gnarled trunk and branches is home to countless creatures. I <3 this tree.

We camped in Bandelier National Monument right next to Los Alamos, New Mexico. :-D Husband and I got married in Bandelier in 2000. We almost couldn’t have the ceremony there because the whole park was on fire at the time:

Trees from the 2000 Dome Fire – Eight Years Later (land recovering)

Super Poodle did great on his great big hike! Eight miles, and he was dragging US! I think he may be the only poodle in history to hike Saint Peter’s Dome Trail. He happily leapt over 35+ trees that had fallen over the path (we counted as we clambered to follow). Husband took a pic of us by the Magnificent Tree. I really didn’t plan the four shades of blue ensemble. I was cold. ;-) The second pic includes the tree and the volcanic Hoodoo rock formations.


This is the Fire Lookout tower at the top of the burned Dome (where our hike started). I don’t know if it survived the fire or was rebuilt since then. The forest service road up the mountain was IFFY even with a 4×4, and didn’t even come close to where this was taken. I guess people volunteer to live up there, only coming down periodically for groceries. I was thinking it would be a great job for a novelist. Oh, and this was an irresistible barrel cactus…

Finally, this is the view of St. Peter’s Dome and Boundary Peak (farthest/highest on the horizon) taken back across the canyon close to camp. Please excuse my maw, it seems to be in the way of all the interesting photos. And lastly, Super Poodle feeling super zonked at day’s end. He’s happy to be back on his couch at home and not crammed between our sleeping bags tonight!



 Going camping starting tomorrow!!

It’s only a quick two-night trip to New Mexico with Husband and Super Poodle, but it is not work, which is fab-o. :-) And I got a new clippy reading light for after the sun goes down and Husband and Super Poodle are snoring…I’ll never shake the late-night writing schedule, even though I’m forcing myself to leave the laptop home. I have wonderful things to read instead. 

And this is good because it’s quality alone time together before my parents come into town on Thursday. I absolutely adore my Mom and Dad, but they are staying in our 2bd/1bath house with us for eight days. Did I mention there is one bathroom…? And they’ll be here for my birthday. And our wedding anniversary. I love my parents. I do. :D

Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!

Question on Waiting (NA) Tables

This is something that I’ve wondered about endlessly, but only just now had the amazing insight to ask actual waiters/waitresses (servers?). If you work in a relatively nice restaurant (not uber-high end, but one where people might not wear jeans, say), do you give less-preferential service to tables not drinking alcohol? 

I’ve never worked in the food industry (by design), but I want to understand this better. Husband and I don’t drink. Not for religious reasons or anything like that. We just don’t. But we’re twenty-thirtysomethings and I know it’s expected of us. So I’ve noticed at some restaurants (not all) that after we both order Diet Cokes, we seem to get a lot less attention than some other tables. You know, we get… forgotten. 

It doesn’t make me angry or anything (unless they leave us there for over an hour without coming back). But I can almost see it in their eyes when they realize this is going to be an NA table. Face falls…and the busser ends up doing most of the work for us. I almost always want dessert if we’re spending the money to go out, but about 50% of the time they try to give us the check without asking. Ok fine, I’ll admit it, I’m a dessert junkie and it upsets me if I have to give them back the check and ASK for a dessert menu. 

I should add that we always leave a 20% or better tip (for whatever it’s worth on a bill without booze), which I know the waiter/waitress couldn’t possibly know beforehand, but still…

So servers, do you have some insight for me? Is it all in my head? What’s your opinion on non-drinking tables?


Um, I’m responding to a mass-tag because it looks fun. :-)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 17 and had just moved to Colorado from Upstate New York to go to college and generally run off with my internet boyfriend.

What are 5 things you need to do today?
1. Work
2. Do the Dishes
3. Reconcile my checking account….HA!
4. Avoid Dessert
5. Work on my MS – I’ve been waiting all day! (and yet I procrastinate)

What are some snacks you enjoy?
Oh god, I’m going to go to an early but contented grave. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate…Diet Coke, Coffee, and Tea in mass quantities.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
This is such a daunting question. Probably much of the same, but screw reconciling the checking account if there’s that much money in it. I guess I’d want a “dream house” where social-phobic husband and I can hide out and speak to people who ring the doorbell through a speaker on the wall. Mostly it’d be fun to have the freedom to be creative and not worry about supporting myself. Oh yeah, and I guess I’d donate a whole bunch and volunteer at disasters and stuff… ;-)

What are 3 bad habits?
1. Biting my cuticles. Ouch.
2. Ignoring bothersome everyday chores for more interesting things like writing and LiveJournal.
3. Saying yes when I should say no.

Name 5 places you have lived.
Syracuse, NY
Castle Rock, CO
Albuquerque, NM
Bailey, CO
Denver, CO

What are 5 jobs you’ve had?
1. Turndown Maid at a prestigious golf club.
2. Poop Scooper at a dog kennel
3. Person who ties your panties in a knot at Victoria’s Secret – for ONE DAY.
4. Retail Slave
5. Nationally Certified Master Dog Groomer

I tag……. everyone too!

Word Count &c.

Let’s try one of these word-count thingies…
Rewrite Progress:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
31,384 / 70,000

This is for my upper-YA novel, Mind Fire (genre still terribly unidentified – magical realism? There are no fangs, fur, or fey, but there are elements of what some might call “magic” – but I don’t, because I explain it with science. So yeah, stumped.).

For some reason I feel like I need to point out that there really are already 70k words… I just have to finish rewriting about half of them still…


Me = Not a National Security Threat

Apparently I am sooooo not a concern for the US government. I applied for my passport exactly EIGHT days ago, and when I came home today, it was waiting for me. ??? What happened to months of delays and paying premiums for expedited service? Did someone at the USPS go on break, and their pet monkey processed my application while they were away? I even wondered briefly if it was even legit, but my picture is so horrendously bad that it must be real. 

Funny thing is, husband and mother-in-law applied three weeks ago and I was worried about being behind – but they haven’t received anything yet. LOL. Good thing we planned ahead for this October trip…


On days/nights when I don’t get anything done, this* may be why…

Or sometimes this… 

*To give proper credit, that’s Evil Bean (aka Abbey) in gray – getting my chair dirty on purpose, and the ginger cat is Thyme. They are serious about making us pay for going to work all day. Oh, and they hate each other, but clearly work in harmony toward this end.