I forgot how much I love Hooverphonic!   This is their 1996 video for 2wicky that got me hooked. It came on MTV’s AMP back when the show only came on after midnight on Fridays (I think) . They are roughly considered a trip hop group, and at the time this came out Husband (then Boyfriend) and I were […]

Bandelier National Monument

 We’re Back! Left town early and came back same to avoid everyone else…mostly. I always forget what a HUGE weekend this is for Motorcycles. I don’t mind them…except when they makeme go deaf in one ear passing me in the street, and when huge groups take up the entire highway and won’t let you pass… […]


 Going camping starting tomorrow!! It’s only a quick two-night trip to New Mexico with Husband and Super Poodle, but it is not work, which is fab-o. 🙂 And I got a new clippy reading light for after the sun goes down and Husband and Super Poodle are snoring…I’ll never shake the late-night writing schedule, even though […]

Question on Waiting (NA) Tables

This is something that I’ve wondered about endlessly, but only just now had the amazing insight to ask actual waiters/waitresses (servers?). If you work in a relatively nice restaurant (not uber-high end, but one where people might not wear jeans, say), do you give less-preferential service to tables not drinking alcohol?  I’ve never worked in […]


Um, I’m responding to a mass-tag because it looks fun. 🙂 What were you doing 10 years ago? I was 17 and had just moved to Colorado from Upstate New York to go to college and generally run off with my internet boyfriend. What are 5 things you need to do today? 1. Work 2. […]

Word Count &c.

Let’s try one of these word-count thingies… Rewrite Progress: 31,384 / 70,000(44.8%) This is for my upper-YA novel, Mind Fire (genre still terribly unidentified – magical realism? There are no fangs, fur, or fey, but there are elements of what some might call “magic” – but I don’t, because I explain it with science. So yeah, […]

Me = Not a National Security Threat

Apparently I am sooooo not a concern for the US government. I applied for my passport exactly EIGHT days ago, and when I came home today, it was waiting for me. ??? What happened to months of delays and paying premiums for expedited service? Did someone at the USPS go on break, and their pet monkey […]


On days/nights when I don’t get anything done, this* may be why…Or sometimes this…  *To give proper credit, that’s Evil Bean (aka Abbey) in gray – getting my chair dirty on purpose, and the ginger cat is Thyme. They are serious about making us pay for going to work all day. Oh, and they hate […]