Going camping starting tomorrow!!

It’s only a quick two-night trip to New Mexico with Husband and Super Poodle, but it is not work, which is fab-o. 🙂 And I got a new clippy reading light for after the sun goes down and Husband and Super Poodle are snoring…I’ll never shake the late-night writing schedule, even though I’m forcing myself to leave the laptop home. I have wonderful things to read instead. 

And this is good because it’s quality alone time together before my parents come into town on Thursday. I absolutely adore my Mom and Dad, but they are staying in our 2bd/1bath house with us for eight days. Did I mention there is one bathroom…? And they’ll be here for my birthday. And our wedding anniversary. I love my parents. I do. 😀

Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!

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