The Kiss of Fire

MF Rewrite: 57,174 / 58,500(97.7%) Only the epilogue to go!!* *erm, and some major editing…doh. But I started June with under 35k! So Boo-yah.  Um, I’ll update more when this is done…I’m feeling a bit zombie right now. I realize this looks incredibly boring now, standing back, looking at this post…so I will come forth […]

She's Come Down with the YA

Hee hee.  The title of this blog comes from something Husband said to me the other day. -BTW, am I the only one who pronounces it Why Eh in casual conversation?- Husband has been doing a long metamorphosis when it comes to my young adult writing. At first he didn’t take it at all seriously, […]

Plot and Tea

MF Rewrite: 52,735 / 60,000(87.9%) Yes, the word count dropped again. -sob- But I won’t know how I feel about that until I’m finished. Things along the way this week: -I haven’t made as big a dent in word count, but I have wrassled some serious plot points. SO many loose ends to address – […]

Andrew Simpson Smith

So I was listening to NPR today about the uncontacted-by-white-folk tribe of people living in the Amazon… and I could not stop thinking about Andrew Simpson Smith from Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES series. (Have I mentioned I LOVE anthropology?) NPR was debating what the tribe calls themselves, and I seriously doubt they call themselves anything. If they […]

Word Count

 Mind Fire: Rewrite 48,413 / 65,000(74.5%) Agh, my eyes are crossed. Added almost 5,000 words this weekend – adjusted the projected word count (don’t know how I feel about that) -and the end is in sight! Interesting things that happened along the way:  -MC’s ~boyfriend did something I was really not expecting. Like so much, […]


Mind Fire: Rewrite  41,306 / 70,000(59.0%) OMG, look at that! This is funny. I’m probably up too late (I swear this is writing related), but my sister is pregnant and she’s been sending me these weekly email updates she gets about the growth progress of her baby – Like for instance, this week baby is the […]

Lip Gloss Lit is Awesome – I won Breaking Dawn!

Hey, I wanted give a shout-out to Amanda, Mary, and Suzanne over at Lip Gloss Lit!  Back in May they had a contest to win a brand new copy of BREAKING DAWN. I entered…and promptly forgot about it. But I WON! And just in case you’re curious, in order to win, you had to ask any question they […]

Noise Cancellation!

I’m such a geek, but for my birthday this year, I really, really, really wanted some nice noise-cenceling headphones. I have wanted a pair ever since I saw Romancing the Stone with Kathleen Turner when I was a kid. It was still the eighties, but I knew when I saw her wearing big leave-me-alone headphones living in […]

Fast-drafting! Halfway!

Mind Fire Rewrite: 38,058 / 70,000(54.4%) Yay! Exciting! After seeing what pitiful progress I made last month, I’m now three days into a fast-draft session (okay, fast-rewrite?) and with my goal of at least 1,000 words a day I’m getting serious. I should be close to or DONE by the end of the month! Then tweaking and […]