The Bad Barista Index

A few years ago some genius at NPR came up with the Bad Barista Index (BBI). Basically, it suggested that during good economic times, highly-educated capable people would be employed in jobs that required high qualifications. But during bad economic times, they were likely to find interim work with nice benefits at places like Starbucks. So when you get that motivated, friendly, […]


My revision….~*drumroll*~ is done.  MIND FIRE Pages Revised : 244 / 244(100.0%) Ended up adding about 1700 words, for a final count of 59,759. Now it’s off for first-round-catch-the-embarrassing-stuff family review (thank you sis!), and then…real crits. My head just exploded.

X-Files & SHOES

Went to see X-Files: I Want to Believe last night (Eeeeeeeeee!!!). It was SHORT, but sooooo good, although it felt a bit like another tv episode and less like a feature film. But it was SO cool to see Scully and Mulder again that I DID NOT CARE. In my completely biased opinion, X-Files is […]

Revision Progress

Quick progress report… MF Pages Revised: 159 / 244(65.2%) I’m trying to buckle down and finish this ASAP. I keep getting hung up in places that need lots of work, but then it is so magical blowing through pages and pages that don’t need a thing and make me smile. Yay. But seriously, bed at […]


So…anybody else here hang out on Twitter? I was sitting on a seedy street corner with Courtney Summers and she promised it would take me places I’ve never been. Now I’m thinking about having a direct line inserted into my vein. Seriously, the coolest thing is that It makes it easy to keep up with people while you are bogged […]

Radio Silence / Buried Under Dogs

Honestly I doubt anyone’s missing my amazingly insightful and esoteric posts and comments, but I’ve been scanning through everyone else’s posts that I’ve missed recently and trying to catch up on some comments, and just don’t want anyone to think I have disappeared into cyberspace – does anyone call it that anymore?  My revision is going well. Here is […]

Write. Reverse. Delete. Repeat.

Since I’m spending so much time revising and thus, trying to make each sentence in my MS just right, I thought it might be worth mentioning what I have slowly discovered this past year or so… Sometimes all the right words are already on the page – just in the wrong order. I like to blame this on […]

Down In It

I feel a bit guilty about choking off the oxygen to my blog, but these revisions are owning me. And I realized today that I haven’t cleaned off my desk in…longer than I’m willing to say…because ofthis BOOK. Agh! Luckily, S respects this as my space and doesn’t care if I crap it up (the […]

Insulting Neil Gaiman

Last night I dreamed that I left a Tori Amos concert to run to the bookstore (???)…  I wasn’t going to be gone long, but when I got there, I found out Neil Gaiman’s new book, The Graveyard Book, had been released early. A helpful bookseller said I should get in line because Neil Gaiman was there in […]