Short Term Memory

There are certain routine tasks I perform EVERY DAY like, locking my house behind me. But some days…I have to go "check" several times to be sure I’ve actually done them. I KNOW this is obsessive-compulsive behavior, but it doesn’t seriously interfere with my life…yet.

But honestly, some things I do daily, like feeding my dogs, taking medication, or whatever just BLUR in my mind. I stand there with the dog food bowls in my hands thinking, "Did I feed them this morning, or was that yesterday?" And yunno, the dogs are looking at me like, We’re not telling.

So this morning I *knew* I hadn’t fed them, so I go about getting their dry food and putting the tea kettle on so I can pour hot water over it (Mmmmm…yummy). Then I’m Twittering, and LJing, and on Verla’s…but I return to the kitchen (mostly for more coffee) and see the bowls…and the stove is OFF…and the water has been poured…and I’m like WHO CAME IN HERE AND DID THIS???? Cuz I am alone!!

I have absolutely no memory of the kettle whistling, or pouring the water…except the big memory of having done it thousands of times. Anyway, moral of the story is: You CAN creep yourself out at 7:45AM with absolutely no help from zombies, or murderers, or vampires or ANYTHING besides your subconscious…if you’re me.

More coffee….

7 things about me

I was tagged by beccaajoy :-P

1. I was significantly overweight from about ages 11-15, which (guess this is kinda obv) had a deep impact on who I am today.

2. I met my husband online when I was 15 and he was 17.

3. I was on the swim team all 4 years of High School. I swam the 500 meter freestyle.

4. I graduated HS early and moved from Upstate New York to Colorado at 17 to be with future husband.

5. I am a Nationally Certified ~*MASTER*~ Dog Groomer

6. I own my own dog grooming business.

7. In college, I changed my major from English Writing to Psychology because everyone told me that I’d never do anything with an English degree, and I believed them.

I tag 7 people, 1 for every "thing": Courtney Summers, Christine Ennis,  cyn2write, dawn_metcalffabulousfrock , lauramanivong , mandywriter 


Oh, the Horror (films)!!

Every October, S and I distract ourselves from the creeping cold and disappearing daylight by watching as MANY scary movies as possible. :-) It usually culminates on Halloween when we hand out candy during pauses of a scary movie marathon. Sometimes people join us, but mostly it’s just us.

So I am preparing for October 2008. But this year will be GROUNDBREAKING. Neither of us is at all versed in zombie movies, so *this* will be our year. Ok, I’ll admit – this is all me. S would be very happy never seeing a zombie movie – EVER. He STILL complains that I made him watch Dead Alive. But, but…it is arguably the *goriest* movie ever made and holds the record for most stage blood used in a film ever. Plus my high school friends still talk about me making them watch it and he couldn’t be left out of THAT club!!

Anyway, we’re going to start with 28 Days Later.

But I digress. Now, S is a weird character. He likes horror films, but he doesn’t like to be scared. He abandoned me during Blair Witch Project. He only watched The Ring via my narrative from another room: OMG, she’s coming out of the well!!!!!!!!! BUT, he really loves ARTFUL horror films (Giallo) like those by Dario Argento. Particularly Suspiria and The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. Oh, and all of Edwige Fenech’s giallos, but particularly The Case of the Bloody Iris. Also, classics like The Masque of the Red Death and Eyes Without a Face. I agree that most of these make for more interesting viewing than regular horror. Luckily, we have Netflix so we can indulge these obscure movie tastes.

We never saw any of the Saw movies or Hostel (despite Edwige cameo) because they seemed too sadistic – pain, blood and suffering for the purpose of pain, blood and suffering. We’re both ok with gore and scariness as long as it is somewhat artistic! :)

So I am asking for HELP here. Will you share your *wonderful* horror movie suggestions? Particularly any with an interesting and intricate plot and/or beautiful cinematography? (define that as you wish, I include bright red blood spatter under beauty). Help make my October SLASH-TASTIC!!!

Endust for LJs

*Dusting off poor LJ*

Agh, well family trips are done with for a bit, and I’m feeling like a writer again! :D It’s funny, I haven’t been doing much actual new WRITING in several weeks. Either I’ve been editing or tweaking, or just analyzing crits. Finally, things came together and it seemed very obvious that I needed a new first chapter. Not a re-write of the old one, but a ~*brand spanking*~ all NEW MATERIAL first chapter!

And the funny thing is that some part of my brain really wants to hate me for this. I can hear it thinking this should suck, and why do I do this, etc. But the leather-clad whip-bearing dominatrix part of my brain is like, YES, YES, YES!!! (*_*)

I’m ENJOYING it! I didn’t realize how much I *missed* writing fresh stuff until now! I LOVE spending this extra time with my MC – I feel like I’m getting to know her better. The new scene/chapter came to me pretty much fully-formed once I realized I needed it. I take that as a sign that it was ~*Meant To Be*~. Of course, once I add this chapter, I will have to go make drastic alterations to some later chapters because the information is getting juggled. But for now, I AM WRITING. I AM HAPPY. I get so much confidence in this part of the process. *Yay.* All you doubts can go wait your turn for the next round of crits! :-P

And in other REALLY COOL NEWS… The first two chapters of Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers are available online (release 12/23)! I have to say I was all set for her book to Rock My Socks. BUT – now that I have read these two chapters, all I can say is: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST READ THIS BOOK ASAP.

Emo-ly Dickenson


The fun thing about this is it can EITHER be read to the tune of Gilligan’s Island OR as my new alter-ego Emo-ly Dickenson. Since the real Ms. D never titled her work, neither will I. Cuz it doesn’t DESERVE a title. ;-P

So my airline flight got all jacked up
no, not into the air
the computers in Chicago blitzed
and my plane was just not there.

Her plane was just not there.

So my moms comes back to get my arse
from the airport late at night
and "yer father will take you at 6AM
cuz that’s inconvenient." Right.

And tomorrow will be so much fun
I will hardly feel the pain
when my connection is missed once again
and I wish I’d taken the train.

Wish I’d taken the TRAIN,,,,

p.s. I’m flying UNITED AIRLINES in case anyone wanted to know.