Short Term Memory

There are certain routine tasks I perform EVERY DAY like, locking my house behind me. But some days…I have to go "check" several times to be sure I’ve actually done them. I KNOW this is obsessive-compulsive behavior, but it doesn’t seriously interfere with my life…yet. But honestly, some things I do daily, like feeding my dogs, […]

7 things about me

I was tagged by beccaajoy 😛 1. I was significantly overweight from about ages 11-15, which (guess this is kinda obv) had a deep impact on who I am today. 2. I met my husband online when I was 15 and he was 17. 3. I was on the swim team all 4 years of High School. […]

Picture Meme

Take a picture of yourself right now.Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.Post that picture with NO editing.Post these instructions with your picture. Hmmm…author shot?

Oh, the Horror (films)!!

Every October, S and I distract ourselves from the creeping cold and disappearing daylight by watching as MANY scary movies as possible. 🙂 It usually culminates on Halloween when we hand out candy during pauses of a scary movie marathon. Sometimes people join us, but mostly it’s just us. So I am preparing for October 2008. […]

Endust for LJs

*Dusting off poor LJ* Agh, well family trips are done with for a bit, and I’m feeling like a writer again! 😀 It’s funny, I haven’t been doing much actual new WRITING in several weeks. Either I’ve been editing or tweaking, or just analyzing crits. Finally, things came together and it seemed very obvious that […]

Emo-ly Dickenson

. The fun thing about this is it can EITHER be read to the tune of Gilligan’s Island OR as my new alter-ego Emo-ly Dickenson. Since the real Ms. D never titled her work, neither will I. Cuz it doesn’t DESERVE a title. ;-P So my airline flight got all jacked up no, not into the air […]