Ladies and gentlemen, we have word count…

Yes, a whopping 587 brand-spanking ~*sparkly*~ words on the new WIP!! I’m not officially signed up for NaNo, but I consider myself a member of NaNoWriLife…all the same, I consider myself challenged by my self (possibly more powerful than an internet of other novelists) to crank out the words. DO YOU HEAR THAT, ME?? It might be too sad […]

Scary Movie – 28 DAYS LATER (!!!)

Okay, I purposely avoided information about this movie so that I would receive it in the purest possible form. And I WAS NOT disappointed. 😀 Since everyone in the world has seen it besides me, I’m going to go ahead and talk about ~everything~ (SPOILER ALERT). Firstly, I have to say that 28 Days Later did not leave me *scared* […]

New MS Mumbles

So, everyone knows what you do while you wait to hear back on queries, right? You stop obsessing over THAT MS and move on to a NEW one. I guess I’ve reached that stage, only it’s not in MS form yet…people, I am outlining. (!!!!!!!) Never thought I’d say that. And it’s going really well! I […]

Scary Movie – PHENOMENA

YES! YES! YES! (Ignore the stupid American title, PHENOMENA is best!!) OMG, let me first say that I came to this movie QUITE reluctantly. All I knew about it was that INSECTS played a major role, and that ~creeped~ me out!! I assumed they would be horrific killer-insects that murdered people in disgusting devouring ways. I WAS WRONG. […]

14 Months

So today’s kind of a big day for me. And that got me thinking about the past 14 months. Actually, let me back up, because according to my Word files, MF has officially existed for almost two years. Two Thanksgivings ago, I was playing around with writing more than I had for a long time. […]

Remember When…

Stole this from dawn_metcalf.     Let’s have a little fun! 😀 If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a completely made up and fictional memory of you and me. It can be anything you want – good or bad – but completely fictional. When you’re finished, […]

Scary Movie – THE HAUNTING (1963)

Ohhhh yeah, some real SUSPENSE, finally!! THE HAUNTING So, this was a CLASSIC example of a movie that could never live up to the book it was based on. But it was an EXCELLENT attempt! I listened to The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson <3 on audio last week, and Sunday we settled in for […]

Scary Movie(s) – The Others AND Mothman Prophecies

This is going to be a two-fer. This week we’ve watched:             THE OTHERS                       THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES            Okay, so these were both kind of concessions to S, who still needs a night-light. 😉 BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH movies were SCARIER than I anticipated!! I didn’t even think MOTHMAN was supposed to be scary at […]

One more set of eyes?

I’m going to say it out loud: I am about to sub my manuscript. To living, breathing agents that I respect. A lot. *tremble* I have gotten some wonderful feedback on my MS recently, and I think I’ve fixed the major problems (yanno, like the whole beginning not working). I’m feeling really good about it right now…between the […]

Scary Movie – BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974)

As promised, BLACK CHRISTMAS was good horror watching!! I had never heard of BLACK CHRISTMAS until a few years ago when S and I started really getting into classic horror. And then I found out it was directed by Bob Clark of A Christmas Story (which previously trampled Miracle on 34th Street as my FAVORITE X-MAS MOVIE EVER), which made […]