One more set of eyes?

I’m going to say it out loud: I am about to sub my manuscript. To living, breathing agents that I respect. A lot. *tremble* I have gotten some wonderful feedback on my MS recently, and I think I’ve fixed the major problems (yanno, like the whole beginning not working). I’m feeling really good about it right now…between the inevitable waves of doubt. Part of me just wants to send my (totally awesome) query letters out and not look back. But part of me would feel better if someone else read it once more before it goes out (like, to catch the places where people might be eating cereal on one page say, and pancakes on the next?). I’m not looking for a line-by-line crit.
Have you read between the lines yet? I’m looking for volunteers!
And actually, I’d be happy just to get feedback on the *all new* first chapter. Because like, *wipes forehead* I don’t need to tell YOU GUYS how important those first ten pages are, do I?
I’m more than happy to swap reading for this again. If you want to just trade first chapters, that’s cool! If you don’t have anything ready now, but can make the time to read for me, you may hold that over my head until a future date when I’d be glad to return the favor! Also, if you’ve seen this MS before and would have another go at it…you’d be made of awesome. If this thing makes it into print, I have a nice, shiny spot on my acknowledgements page just waiting for your name. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to wrap this up as fast as possible, but I understand that ALL of you are busy-busy friends! Let me know in comments or send me a message if you might be interested!
BTW, this is a ~63k Contemporary YA with a sci-fi/magical realism bent.

13 thoughts on “One more set of eyes?

  1. I don’t have a huge amount of time because I just got back from Portland and am catching up on work, but I’d be happy to take a look at the first chapter and give you my overall feelings! bricyn7 at comcast dot net.

  2. I meant to get back to the rest of your book…I am such a mediocre critiquer. I’ve just been either busy or depressed lately. But this week I’m feeling good and I have time, so if you want to send me your chapter I’ll certainly give it another look!

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