New MS Mumbles

So, everyone knows what you do while you wait to hear back on queries, right?

You stop obsessing over THAT MS and move on to a NEW one.

I guess I’ve reached that stage, only it’s not in MS form yet…people, I am outlining. (!!!!!!!) Never thought I’d say that.

And it’s going really well! I had a super-cool idea for a new premise, and first few chapters, etc. I think I know the right direction to go on POV (there will be TWO this time – 1st-person, I think…if I can bring myself to do it. I heart 3rd-close). I even know my characters a *little* bit already. And I HAD been stuck trying to figure out where the whole thing was going to go (after said super-cool premise), but today I THINK I KNOW.

BUT…………..this one is going to be a lot "edgier/darker" than the last one. And I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, I have absolutely NO problemwith edgy/dark material. I love reading it, and I’m excited to write this story. But it’s like, SO different. I feel like if both books ever made it into print, one would need a pseudonym or something because they just DON’T go together.

I mean, both books do have some similarities…I like to write speculative fiction based in science. For the most part (My YA heroes are Christopher Pike and Scott Westerfeld). And this new MS is going to be like that…only a little heavier on the sci-fi. Which kind of surprises me, but REALLY shouldn’t considering the idea for it, which would make you laugh at me about this if I told you what it was. (Sorry! Sekrit!)

And on top of the sci-fi lean (which is really just fine by itself), my MCs and what happens to them is just a little bit scarier. It’s darker, grittier, and so are they. They make my last MC look like a Puritan. So I’m like…is SHE TOO PURE? Or ARE THEY TOO DARK? Or are they all who they need to be and I should just shut up and understand that the two worlds will never meet…except on a hypothetical bookshelf? *headdesk*

11 thoughts on “New MS Mumbles

  1. I guess the thing to remember here is that each story and their characters are their own entity. The story, the characters, the tone, how you write it, it’s all going to be different from the last one. Sometimes only a little different, sometimes vastly different. But they will be different. Otherwise, you don’t have a new story, you just have another version of the same one.

    I think I know the right direction to go on POV (there will be TWO this time – 1st-person, I think…if I can bring myself to do it. I heart 3rd-close). This sounds exactly like what I’m thinking of for my shiny new idea that keeps getting more and more impatient the longer I ignore it to finish my current one. At the very least, one of my 2 MC’s is talking to me in 1st. There will definitely be 2 POV’s. Whether they’re both 1st or one is 1st and the other 3rd, well, we shall see what happens when I start writing.

    1. Are you very close to finishing the current idea? (I swear I dragged my revisions out about 3 months longer once I realized I’d be done soon – so scary) But I’ve had this one stewing for a long time too, and it is SUCH a release to indulge it at last.

      1. I’m about half done with my rewrite. Then I just need to give it one or two passes before I call it done. Besides, the impatient new idea needs to wait until I know enough about it to write it. It hasn’t been marinating very long as it is. The wait will be good for it.

          1. Thanks! I could definitely use some fresh eyes once I’m finished. I was hoping it’d be by the end of the year, but now I’m thinking it’ll be probably Jan or Feb. I’m a bit on the slow side.

  2. Just write, bb! Don’t get wound up too much in ‘what-ifs’ especially at the expense of your groove. Or else you will be caught in an endless cycle and you’ll be paralyzed. If it feels right, then it is right. Don’t censor yourself. I think these changes = growth. Each novel you write is its own.


  3. OMG, I was in this exact same situation! After TIW, the next one – DOL – was so much darker. I kept asking myself, Is it too dark? Too edgy? Too gritty? Can I even put that in a YA book? Was TIW too tame?

    But now I have some distance from both manuscripts and I guess they’re not as different as I first thought. It’s all a matter of perspective. I hope… 😉

    1. You’re right…and since I haven’t written A SINGLE WORD outside of the outline yet, I guess I’ll just have to see where this goes. I know in my last MS there were a couple scenes in my head that just did not come out the same way on “paper.” Fun to chase ideas, though…

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