Scary Movie – 28 DAYS LATER (!!!)

Okay, I purposely avoided information about this movie so that I would receive it in the purest possible form. And I WAS NOT disappointed. πŸ˜€

Since everyone in the world has seen it besides me, I’m going to go ahead and talk about ~everything~ (SPOILER ALERT).

Firstly, I have to say that 28 Days Later did not leave me *scared* the way I thought it might. I’m not sure if I’m getting desensitized or what, but I just haven’t seen anything lately that has made me want to sleep with the light on. There were certainly *scary moments* – mostly just places where I was startled – but I DON’T want to give the impression that I didn’t enjoy this movie because I really ~*LOVED*~ it!!!

Why did I love it? The cinematography was fantastic. The story was intriguing – the STUPID animal rights activists (this is EXACTLY why I dislike PETA) at the beginning, and especially poor Jim waking up from a coma all alone in London. THAT gave me chills.

Best moments: The "infected" priest: YES!!! – Selena hacking up the guy she was with in the beginning – The flat tire in the tunnel.
(And BTW, can I just ask who else ever saw the 90s version of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE on Nickelodeon? Because that had a HUGE effect on me and the MS I just finished and Naomie Harris was IN THAT *and* 28 Days Later and I used to have a HUGE crush on Christian Tessier, and I just had a HUGE OMG moment).

Biggest shockers: Finding out that Christopher Eccleston was a bad guy (Nooooooo!!!!!!!). Also, is it wrong of me to be much more deeply disturbed by the fact that the military guys fully intended to lure, trap, and rape women (AND A &*$%#@*&! BARELY PUBESCENT GIRL) than by all of England being *infected*?? Cuz the way that went down made me far sicker than any seething venomous zombie-thing. I’m kind of guessing that was the idea…

…Which leads me to Goriest Moment Ever: Jim gouging out needs-to-die-military-boy’s eyes out by hand. As satisfying as this finally was, I totally had to look away – the ONLY time I did in the entire movie! And S pointed out how interesting it was that (at least to me) the most offensive violence in the movie was done MAN vs MAN, and ~not~ INFECTED vs MAN. Hmmmm.

So really, what was there not to love? πŸ™‚ I’ll admit, there were some places where you just had to suspend belief a bit…such as the 30-second virus gestation…and the fact that when you stab people at close range, blood spray is likely to enter your eyes/lungs…and you probably shouldn’t kiss someone covered in blood of unknown origin…

Also, the ending was brilliantly vague. Early in the movie you hear that the virus has spread globally…but then there are hints that maybe it is limited to Great Britain, which may just be quarantined. By the very end, it is clear that other humans are alive and well, and flying planes around, but you’re still not sure exactly what the damage is. Although the 30-second gestation seems like it would be prohibitive as far as global infection. A seething venomous zombie-thing would NEVER make it through airport security…I think. But also, if the rest of the world was okay, wouldn’t they have tried to make radio broadcasts or something into Britain for survivors?

Anyway, I give it: A+++++ (YAYNESS!) Well done all around, but I guess what else can you expect from Danny Boyle? And it DOES make you stop to consider PLAN B…what would YOU do in a zombie-infection apocalypse??

Up Next: Maybe Argento’s OPERA, or DEMONS, IDK yet!!

6 thoughts on “Scary Movie – 28 DAYS LATER (!!!)

  1. It is a great film, just don’t see 28 Weeks Later cos it starts well, but then just pretty much sucks.

    Also, I remember The Tomorrow People. We had it on British children’s tv and I loved it. Yay!

  2. Must echo above. 28 Weeks Later = STARTS SO AMAZING THE POTENTIAL IS LIKE FANTASTIC and then bleh. I wrote a whole pissy blog entry about it, I was so disappointed. Don’t go looking for it though, if you’re tempted, because I spoiled the whole movie. Anyways.

    LOVE THIS WRITE UP. I am thrilled you enjoyed the movie. It’s just such an ~intense~ movie. I love love love that it was filmed on digital, just gotta say. And I love Chris E’s evilness, heh. The DVD commentary is awesome, giving insights on Jim and his character’s dynamic. I cried so hard when the dude that plays Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter died. *sniff*


    1. Eh, now I doubt I’ll bother with 28 Weeks. But stalking your blog entry sounds fun! πŸ˜‰ And you’re *right* about Eccleston-evilness…grumble-grumble. But I mean, HELLOOOO, he’s THE DOCTOR and therefore, I WILL TYPECAST HIM. FOR EVAH.

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