Ladies and gentlemen, we have word count…

Yes, a whopping 587 brand-spanking ~*sparkly*~ words on the new WIP!!

I’m not officially signed up for NaNo, but I consider myself a member of NaNoWriLife…all the same, I consider myself challenged by my self (possibly more powerful than an internet of other novelists) to crank out the words. DO YOU HEAR THAT, ME??

It might be too sad to do a word-meter, so we’ll just celebrate these words without comparing them to the ones still unwritten. But I am soo excited. 😀 Also, that DARKNESS thing I was worried about might not be as bad as I thought.

Now if I can just put down MORE words in a 2nd POV, we might actually be going somewhere…

13 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, we have word count…

  1. Huge congrats! It’s always the starting that’s the hardest! Oh, wait. The middle is the hardest. No! It’s endings that are hard! Oh FINE! It’s all hard – big YAYS for starting 🙂

  2. That’s a great start, Emily. I’m so tempted to start mine early, but I promised a few friends I’d wait and do it all properly, so here I am, dying to write and I’m not letting myself for another 4 days. How weird is that?

  3. Woohoo! Now I’ve gotta slink off and try and get a word count for today, myself. Spent all my daytime writing time on the phone with a friend who needed a distraction.

      1. Gave up after 20 minutes of nothing. I was too tired. But today is a new day and I will definitely get a word count. As for the friend, usually she’s online, writing alongside me and we push each other to keep going. But yesterday she had to put her dog down and didn’t want to cry in front of her son (who thought the dog was going to a new home) so she called me.

        1. Oh, now I feel bad. 🙁 What a sad situation. You definitely were right to set things aside and console her.

          I just have this friend who inevitably calls as soon as I have time to write, who wants to go on and on for at least an hour about her relationship w/ her boyfriend, and seriously, it sucks ALL my creative energy.

          I hope your friend is feeling better and maybe you both can focus more on the words today.

          1. Thanks. She’s doing okay today, but hasn’t had a chance to really deal with it yet.

            She’s a writer herself so usually we save phone calls until after we’ve picked our kids up from school. Usually during my writing time, I ignore the phone unless it’s my husband, the school, or her.

  4. Okay, I am in masssive revision mode so… LET’S DO THIS THING TOGETHER SOMEHOW. And by that I mean I am totally cheerleading you. *\o/* GO ~*SPARKLE-E*~!


    1. w00t!! Well, I might be done with this one when you finish your THIRD book, but I’m all over the cheers! If I don’t make it as a novelist, I might have to become one of those middle-aged women who secretly goes back to high school and makes the squad or something. Rah-RAH! *\o/*

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