Heading for Providence….Rhode Island.

I have a bad feeling I’m not going to get another chance to do this before Wednesday night…so everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

I’m being whisked off to the east coast for an unprecedented SECOND TIME this year…AND I’m going to be brave and go carry-on only. Dunn-dunn-dunnnnn!!! Cynical broadcast from yet-to-be-determined airport pending!

But really, I’ll be happy to get there. I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my family in about…five years? And the family just got a little bigger…

That’s Oscar the Goldendoodle (don’t get me started on hybrid dog breeds)! And next to him is my brand new niece, Audrey. 🙂 She’s a hybrid of my sister Charlotte and her husband Mike. Jk, guys…ok not really. Audrey is the very first grandchild in my family…I’m also told she spits up A LOT. But hey, nothing I’m not used to with dogs, right…? Audrey and I are going to be very well-acquainted by Sunday because S somehow managed to end up NOT coming with me on this trip AGAIN, so Charlotte, Audrey, and I are going to be ~*ROOMMATES*~. I see this as a perfect exercise in birth control. In fact, depending on how the weekend goes, I may recommend this experience to anyone thinking about having sex. 😀

But REALLY, she is cute…and I’m going to see if I can start refining her tastes in YA early… Heh. Maybe I’ll bring a copy of my WIP, and if she pukes on it, I will know it needs work.

Besides spending time with Charlotte and Audrey, my mom and dad will be visiting from Syracuse, and we’re all staying with my unofficial godparents in their really cool Frank Lloyd Wright-style house thathas a gas fireplace and a built-into-the-wall coffee machine that makes individual cups of coffee at the press of a button. I have big plans for that thing…and the fireplace. My unofficial godmother, Maryellen, is a FANTASTIC chef…if I only survive one leg of my travels, I hope it is the first one so I at least get to stuff my face with her food. YUM! Stuffing is my all-time favorite part of Thanksgiving…followed closely by pumpkin pie, but it must be drowned in cool whip.

Once I have succeeded in the stuffing of my face…or putting stuffing IN my face, I plan to hunker down for some cutthroat Scrabble!! (You know you are DYING to be in my family, we are SO exciting). I have been practicing, and I know everyone’s weaknesses…my dad does himself in with double consonants EVERY SINGLE TIME. I may have to slay him with bookkeeper. ~*laughs evilly*~. Although I have this uncanny ability to form dirty/silly words with my pieces…and then, you know, I must USE those words…but I give myself away every time, like when I spelled G-O-N-A-D and for some reason it struck me funny, and the whole game had to be paused for ten minutes until I could pull myself off the floor and breathe again…guess you had to be there. But srsly,  it is MORE FUN to spell things besides G-O and A-F-T-E-R and D-I-D. But the game does not reward it! You should get bonus points for creativity in scrabble, no?  

SO, is anyone else travelling this fine most-traveled-weekend-of-the-year? Where are you going? What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Games? And most importantly…favorite FOODS??


6 thoughts on “Heading for Providence….Rhode Island.

  1. OMG! Dirty scrabble WITH your folks– such a win! Hilarious.
    I feel you on the room sharing /baby / kid thing. You’re right– totally effective birth control.
    If interested– Here was my last “brush with insanity”
    [Open in new window]

    1. I ended up on an air mattress in another room…not sure if they were taking pity on me or what. Whatevs. Being an aunt is GREAT! Audrey puked, and I handed her back to her mom. FTW! 😀

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