Merry Christmas!

One…or two…or three…or four of you has mentioned on more than one occasion that *ahem* I NEVER POST. But I tell you in my own defense, and for the benefit of all your blog-weary eyes…that I never post unless I have something (relatively positive) TO SAY!

Okay, I have plenty to say…but it hasn’t all been about writing lately (and I try to stay within the theme of this blog!). Also TBH, it feels more productive to write MAH BOOK than write blog entries. But as my Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/YULE gift to those who care…I will endeavor to write ~more blog entries~ in 2009…AND lose five pounds.

SO…settle into a comfy chair with your loved ones (or cats, whatevs), pull up a bowl of Chex mix and hunt for the bits with extra worcestershire sauce (ohhh yeah baby, I spelled that on the first try), have a couple of sugar cookies…or three, a slice of pumpkin pie, maybe throw in some potato pancakes, a Yule Log Cake, and an amazingly awesome home made HALF MOON COOKIE if you’re at MY house….and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. Relax, and enjoy. 🙂

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