Quoth the emo maybe-pire… EVERMORE

I’ve completely broken my ban on reading while writing this week because frankly…it was KILLING ME.  As I told my parents, I instituted the ban because the ‘voices in my head’ would get mixed up and I didn’t want what I was reading to impact what I was writing…my parents know enough by now just to say “uh-huh” and ask about the dog.

So I splurged. I went to Barnes and Noble (because my indie, The Tattered Cover, which is located ACROSS THE STREET FROM A HUGE HIGH SCHOOL has the WORST YA SECTION I’VE EVER SEEN). When I left, I was toting EVERMORE by Alyson Noel, FADE by Lisa McMann, BLISS by Lauren Myracle, and a non-black-market copy of CRACKED UP TO BE by Courtney Summers to go next to my um…*cough*blackmarket*cough* copy. I would have walked out with DUST OF 100 DOGS by A.S. King, but B&N was OUT – so I shook my fist at them and ordered it, and will have to wait.

So I decided to start with EVERMORE because it is completely new and I’ve never read Ms. Noel before, and I know several other people who have read it/will be reading it and we’re going to Twitter-Book-Club it – which is the ONLY was to book club (140 characters or less), if you ask me. Anyway, I’m about 2/3 through it and…

WHY did I not have this book in high school?? This would have been sooooo up my emo little alley! Srsly, aside from the car-accident-killed-family-leaving-her-with-psychic-abilities thing, I could have been Ever in HS. But I don’t understand something… I totally did the 90’s equivalent of hiding in the hoodie not talking to ANYONE, not looking at ANYONE, and trying my very hardest NOT TO BE NOTICED – just like Ever. If iPods had been invented, I might have stitched a secret pocket into all my hoodies just like Ever …if I could have convinced myself I wouldn’t get in trouble for it, because the biggest thing to me in HS besides trying hard to be noticed not getting noticed was NOT GETTING IN TROUBLE. I never *once* had a late pass. Ever. Though I cut class. A lot. Like Ever.

But for all of my emo-before-emo-existed-hood-wearing don’t-talk-to-me I’m-so-pre-emo-I-must-be-some-undiscovered-level-of-frumpy-sexy antics in high school…NO AMAZINGLY HOT GUY WHO JUST MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE EVER FELL IN LOVE WITH ME DESPITE MY EFFORTS. I still don’t get it. I tried my hardest. I wore jeans that didn’t fit, big flannel shirts, I ~never~ did my hair (not that that’s changed), and my legs haven’t seen the sun since 1992. I sat at the back of the class day in and day out, ate lunch by myself, and sent off such great don’t-talk-to-me vibes that the male half of the “class couple” accused me in European History of being a ‘man-hater’ (he *obviously* was NOT a sexy maybe-vampire).

So I don’t know…maybe it’s better that I didn’t have EVERMORE to obsess over at 16. I might’ve felt all validated, and then been left to question myself. I might’ve tried to be in a car accident to gain psychic powers to attract the maybe-pire, and would probably have just ended up in the special ed room. I guess we’ll never know.

But OMG, in 140 characters or less – I HEART THIS BOOK.

6 thoughts on “Quoth the emo maybe-pire… EVERMORE

  1. my parents know enough by now just to say “uh-huh” and ask about the dog.

    HAH! I am still cackling about that one. Oh, non-writers. 😉

    THIS ENTRY IS SO AMAZING. You crack me up, girls.

    I am so excited about reading Evermore. I can’t wait to bookclub it with you. I started it and am very little ways in but I’m already so into it and my revisions pain me for the distance it puts between us. Ever tugs at my heartstrings! The maybe-pire is super hot. And Alyson Noel, of course, is freaking amazing. I LOVED Saving Zoe so much as well. If you wanna check out her contemporaries, you must start with that one. Then we can commence Alyson Noel Fanclub AND Book club. 🙂

    1. Dude, when I was standing in line w/ your book and her book and saw her blurb ON your book, I was all…*strokes cover* WIN! I’m totally in the Alyson Noel Fanclub and I haven’t even finished with the maybe-pire yet!!

  2. I loved Evermore! It was my Distraction Fairy back when I DIDN’T want one. I read it in one day – and mostly while sitting on my bedroom floor because I’d forgotten why I’d gone up there and was too involved in the plot to think about moving somewhere comfortable.

    You can’t go back and change your high school angst, but you can do something even better – use it as inspiration so some future too-emo-to-be-emo teen knows she’s not alone.

  3. HAHAHA, this post is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished Evermore… and although you’ve got me beat in the pre emoness, I also would have liked a model-like creature to give me flowers and obsess over me. Although… I guess that hasn’t changed, which is why I liked the book.

    You’re awesome!

    1. Hey Suz! YOU’RE awesome! And I know, would it have been so hard for an emo maybe-pire to have noticed us in our secret-sexyness?? 😉

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