Getting Older Doesn't Have to Suck (too much)

Well good, it’s officially over. I haven’t been a big fan of birthdays since about…age 23. At least, that was the last one I remember being fun. And I have been dreading turning 29 oh…for about a year now. 🙂 Seriously, I have such mixed feelings about it. More so than 30 even. I know […]

Great Finishes, Oration, and D100D

This should be about THREE blog entries, but by the time I realized that was going to happen, it was too late to write them separately! Thing that have been going on with me: I FINISHED MY REWRITE. Gah, that felt good. I had been saving this dark chocolate bunny since Easter on a shelf […]

The Future is NOW!

Way back in 1995, up-and-coming actress Sandra Bullock and hottie Englishman Jeremy Northam starred in a movie that sent every synapse in my brain firing YES, YES, YES!  That movie was called The Net: I haven’t watched The Net recently, but I’m pretty sure anyone watching it now – who’d never seen it before – would look […]