When Hollywood Comes A-Knockin’

About a month ago, shortly after the sale of THROUGH TO YOU to HarperCollins, my literary agent-extraordinaire, Mary Kole, told me there was some “Hollywood interest” in the book. Which, um, AMAZED me. I had no idea people in LA would glance twice at you if you had no book sales or weren’t a YouTube […]


I never tell anyone I’m interested in reviewing a book unless I mean it. I don’t write a ton of reviews, and often I don’t have time to read at all except for listening to audio books while I’m at work…(reading time cutting into writing time is a cruel paradox for another post). Anyway, so […]

In which things do not get any less surreal…

Just a brief update and some little exciting things: THROUGH TO YOU is now up on Goodreads! So many people have added it as “to-read” I feel like hugging and kissing each and every one of you…I mean, unless you’d prefer a big THANK YOU instead. That’s okay too! 😀 I also have an official Facebook […]