A Book Is Born

Please excuse my lack of preamble, niceties, etc, because…



It’s a real live book with a front cover, a back cover, and even inside flaps! The title GLITTERS in the light! You may observe the barcode, ISBN, and swanky new QR code that will send you to a special THROUGH TO YOU mobile site on your smartphone! Also, it has THESE:


A title page AND acknowledgments page (never before seen, as it wasn’t printed in the ARC, and there were so MANY important people to thank!) But the coolest part is…

…my book has second dimension under the dust jacket:

It took me two hours of staring at the cover and flipping through the finished pages before I remembered to take the jacket OFF and look underneath. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL! The picture doesn’t do it justice–that is shiny GREEN foil spelling out the title and my name! It feels like a gorgeous secret…sort of like the one Cam finds inside the book.

You can have one of these beautiful hardcovers of your very own too in just two weeks! Here are links to preorder at The Tattered Cover, Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Books A Million

A Final Winner – and Thank You!

I want to thank EVERYONE who entered all five giveaways this week. I was blown away by how many people jumped in and I really wish I could send ARCs to all of you! But since I can’t, remember THROUGH TO YOU will be out October 2nd. And I hope you all enjoy it!

So without further ado, the winner for Saturday is:

Reyes S.

Happy reading to all!


ARC Giveaway Day 5 – International!

The winner for Thursday is:

Hayley G.

Thank you everyone who entered!

(The comments yesterday about second chances were so great! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me!)

I have been promising an international giveaway all summer, and now IT’S TIME!

Saturday’s signed ARC giveaway is now open, and this time also includes: Apocalypsies swag, a glow-in-the-dark THROUGH TO YOU bracelet, *signed* THROUGH TO YOU bookmark AND jacket flap! I don’t want anyone outside North America to miss out on all the good stuff, so I’m throwing it all in one last time! Happy entering!




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ARC Giveaway Day 4!

The winner for Friday is:

Maddie M.

Thank you everyone who entered!

(I am loving all of your comments, by the way. You guys are getting me so excited for release day–only 24 days away!)

Friday’s signed ARC giveaway is now open, and this time also includes: Apocalypsies swag, a glow-in-the-dark THROUGH TO YOU bracelet, *signed* THROUGH TO YOU bookmark AND jacket flap! One of everything offered so far this week! Happy entering!




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ARC Giveaway Day 3!

The winner for Wednesday is:

Danielle N.

Thank you everyone who entered!

Thursday’s ARC giveaway is now open, and this time I will also include a *signed* THROUGH TO YOU jacket flap! I know the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s so pretty and shiny–the title seems to just leap out at you. I only have a few of these and this is the only one I’ve signed so far. Happy entering!


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Giving It All Away

Sunday marked One Month until THROUGH TO YOU hits the shelves (October 2, 2012!) and I found myself having a hard time believing it! This has been a crazy-busy summer. Among other things:

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl – we call her Nova Louise. :)

I finished the draft of Book 2, which now has a title: NEVER IS A PROMISE. And I have been nose-to-grindstone on the revisions ever since.

In addition to the incredible starred review in the June issue of VOYA Magazine, THROUGH TO YOU made the Autumn 2012 Kids Indie Next List!

I don’t even know what to say except WOW…and thank you. :)

I also have a rapidly-growing list of author-appearances coming up:

  • Friday October 5 – 7:00pm Everyone in the Denver areas is invited to join us at the Tattered Cover Book Store (Highlands Ranch location) for the THROUGH TO YOU launch and signing!
  • Saturday, October 20 – 6:00pm I am honored to be participating in an event for Teen Reads Week at The Boulder Book Store in Boulder, Colorado with authors Donna Cooner (SKINNY), Tiffany Schmidt (SEND ME A SIGN), and Brenna Yovanoff (THE CURIOSITIES/THE SPACE BETWEEN).
  • Monday, November 12 I will be participating on a Teen Author panel at The Bookworm in Edwards, Colorado with Brenna Yovanoff and Becca Fitzpatrick.
  • TBA This week I am doing an interview with The Roundtable on Northeast Public Radio. I will update this post as soon as I know when the show will air!

Since things are about to go from crazy to CRAZIER around here, I thought I’d offer one last insane giveaway to kick it all off. I have FIVE ARCs left and I’d like to give them to five lucky readers this week! Starting on Tuesday, I will be giving out one signed ARC of THROUGH TO YOU every single day until Saturday. And on Saturday the giveaway will be international! At midnight each day I will post the winner of the ARC from the previous day and open up a brand new chance to win for 24 hours.

So who’d like to win?? The first giveaway starts tonight at midnight! Good luck!

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