I’m not sure how to write a blog post like this. I’ve never written about getting a book deal before. [Update: I am now on my third try. Coherence, where are you?] So, amazing things have been happening to me this year–and we’re only in February. Maybe it’ll be easier if I cut right to […]

Write Something ELSE (It might get you an AGENT!)

It has been about four years exactly since the first time I told S — “I am writing a novel.” He nodded at the time, clearly unaware that ~this was important~. So I added, “I’m serious about this. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’m going to finish this book and do everything I […]

Enter Title Here

That’s what the subject line says in the box before you post a blog in WordPress. I have been thinking about writing this entry since April, and I had no idea what to call it once I got here, but that seemed appropriate. I just finished my second novel (yay me!), which is not to […]


THROUGH TO YOU…is what I’m NOT getting AND what I’m doing! Heh. TTY Word Count is currently: 36.5k (w00t!) Unfortunately because of the time sucking demands of my day job, I have had to choose between blogging and writing a YA novel I’m VERY excited about. I’m sorry, WordPress, I didn’t choose you. šŸ™ I […]

Feed Your Anxiety – SCBWI 2010

A couple of weeks ago I heard a report on NPR about willpower and the brain. Basically, someone conducted a study that determined: when your brain is over-taxed, your willpower goes DOWN. Which has NOTHING to do with this blog post. šŸ˜‰ So last weekend I was a BRAVE writer and flew all the way […]

Some Girls Are – Comes Out Tomorrow!!

Hello Internet, I feel like I’ve been neglecting you, but then I thought what BETTER reason to dust off my blog than to remind you ALL that THIS BOOK comes out tomorrow!!!! If you haven’t already pre-ordered it, then get thee to your nearest book store NOW because you have never read a book…or had […]


OMG all of November passed and I did not blog?! Here we go: Audiobooks, Grooming, Christmas shopping, THROUGH TO YOU, Snow, Shoveling, Back Pain :(, Critique Partners <3 <3, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp, Sleeping, WIP 12k! It's that time of year! Hardly even time to Twitter! šŸ™‚


I realize I’ve been an erratic blogger lately. Okay, fine – ABSENT blogger. But this is starting to sound like the diaries IĀ tried toĀ keep growing up. Every entry started with, “Sorry it’s been so long…” ANYWAY, I have a good reason — a GREAT reason for being *quiet* lately — a new WIP! The working […]

Paying Tribute to Christopher Pike

October is one of my FAVORITE months. The weather starts to cool, but we don’t usually get snow, the shorter daylight hoursĀ become impossible to ignore…it’s all about transition.Ā AndĀ then there’sĀ HALLOWEEN. Every year, S and I watch a marathon of scary/thriller/horror movies from October 1st to 31st in celebration of the season, and this year will be […]

10 Things to do at Your First Writing Conference

So a while ago I wrote aĀ  blog entry about my fear of writing conferences. Ok, maybe it wasn’t just about writing conferences, but a general fear of social situations IN GENERALĀ and writing conferences happen to be VERY SOCIALĀ events?Ā  Well,Ā last weekend, I FACED THE FEAR. And…the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s conference was a FANTASTIC experience. […]