Feed Your Anxiety – SCBWI 2010

A couple of weeks ago I heard a report on NPR about willpower and the brain. Basically, someone conducted a study that determined: when your brain is over-taxed, your willpower goes DOWN. Which has NOTHING to do with this blog post. ūüėČ So last weekend I was a BRAVE writer and flew all the way […]

10 Things to do at Your First Writing Conference

So a while ago I wrote a¬† blog entry about my fear of writing conferences. Ok, maybe it wasn’t just about writing conferences, but a general fear of social situations IN GENERAL¬†and writing conferences happen to be VERY SOCIAL¬†events?¬† Well,¬†last weekend, I FACED THE FEAR. And…the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s conference was a FANTASTIC experience. […]


S and I went for a Night Walk around the park with Basil this evening. These are the best kinds of walks because there’s almost no one else there, the air is comfortable in summertime, you don’t have to put on sunscreen, and all of the squirrels (aka poodle bait) are asleep. About halfway around, […]