Me Fail

Consider this the public stocks. A place of learning. Someone please throw tomatoes at me – preferably rotten ones. Have I ever mentioned I hate tomatoes? Recently, I swapped 50 pages with someone. We were trying each other on for size as CPs. Now, I have a long sordid history trying to find a great critique […]

One more set of eyes?

I’m going to say it out loud: I am about to sub my manuscript. To living, breathing agents that I respect. A lot. *tremble* I have gotten some wonderful feedback on my MS recently, and I think I’ve fixed the major problems (yanno, like the whole beginning not working). I’m feeling really good about it right now…between the […]

Non-Writer Feedback lolz

This was too good not to share… My sister is reading my MS right now (thought a little non-writer feedback couldn’t hurt), and some of the things she said are just making me LOL… (In response to a very irresponsible character giving a friend’s address/phone# to a boy)“Giving out a street address is just irresponsible, […]