You Make My Heart Pound Throbbingly

Recently, I’ve been reading a very successful YA series (NOT Twilight). These books are right up my alley – they’re paranormal, action-filled, humorous, and the concept is unique. And most of all…I am ~swooning~ over the male love interest. *c’thunk, c’thunk, c’thunk*

But OMG the writing is atrocious.

All through the series I have been asking myself WHY I am so compelled to keep reading when I am literally tripping over unnecessary adverbs down every page. Not only that, but this author has a habit of telling, telling, telling. Don’t get me wrong, they often *show* what’s happening with the characters quite effectively – but it is almost always followed up by a sentence or two *telling* the reader what they were just shown.  

Maybe I am simply a snarky writing snob.

And yet…when the love interest takes the MC in his arms, my hearts pounds in my chest.

So I guess I don’t really need to ask myself WHY I’ve kept reading. I suppose if characters/a story is strong enough, it can make you look past the bad writing. It’s just one of those things that makes me face-plant along the writer’s path. I peel my face off the pavement, pull pieces of gravel out of my wound, and look down *unbelievingly* at the writing that made me fall. And then *I think how that fall HURT*.

All of this makes two thoughts run in circles through my mind: If this book is what’s successful, I’m never going to make it. And then, If this person can be successful, darn it, SO CAN I.

…Hello Mr. Doubt.

A little rewrite analysis:

1st Draft: taught me all of the above about adverbs, telling, and BAD writing in general.

2nd Draft: taught me that even with nice writing, all the elements in the book MUST tie together – despite how badly I wanted to tell those pages and pages of backstory or have that unrelated shih tzu run through that scene.

3rd Draft: Isn’t finished yet but…maybe will ~finally~ bring all the lessons of Draft 1 and 2 together??

Or maybe I’ll reach the end and have a well-written story no one wants to read.

…she said *sulkily* and walked off to finish Draft 3.

Plot and Tea

MF Rewrite:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,735 / 60,000

Yes, the word count dropped again. -sob- But I won’t know how I feel about that until I’m finished.

Things along the way this week:

-I haven’t made as big a dent in word count, but I have wrassled some serious plot points. SO many loose ends to address – but I don’t think I’ve missed any so far! 

-In the last couple of chapters I have had a character appear that was not in the book until this point. WAIT! I know you’re thinking that is a big fat no-no, but I promise it works…I hope. Getting to this character is actually part of what drives the story. She’s one of those many loose ends. Problem is, I have been so wrapped up in HER, that I’ve kinda let my poor MC go by the way-side. I wrote these great scenes over the weekend that new girl is the star of, but then I was like Where’s my MC??? She’s standing right there, but she’s hardly said two words in as many pages, and I haven’t been letting the reader in on her thoughts at all like I do in the rest of the book. 
Damn. Two steps forward…

-Lots of action is fun to write, but sometimes feels sadistic.

-Self-Doubt and I have been having tea. Lots of it. Sigh.