An Anniversary Giveaway!

Today is a very special day. Just thinking about it makes me totally overwhelmed and appreciative and blows my mind anew. One year ago today, my amazing agent, Mary Kole, of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, offered me representation. Her email popped up on my Blackberry at 7:30am the day after I received my very […]

A Successful Query Letter

(I am cross-posting this with the BRAVE NEW WORDS blog since it might actually be helpful to post my query letter on my own blog) Since I previously blogged rather ecstatically¬†HERE about signing with¬†Mary Kole, I thought I’d focus this Agent Story post on the query letter that set my publication journey in motion. I […]


I’m not sure how to write a blog post like this. I’ve never written about getting a book deal before. [Update: I am now on my third try. Coherence, where are you?] So, amazing things have been happening to me this year–and we’re only in February. Maybe it’ll be easier if I cut right to […]

Write Something ELSE (It might get you an AGENT!)

It has been about four years exactly since the first time I told S — “I am writing a novel.” He nodded at the time, clearly unaware that ~this was important~. So I added, “I’m serious about this. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’m going to finish this book and do everything I […]