Titles and Doings

Wah! MUCH has been going on here to keep me from posting! One of the most EXCITING was getting to meet Susan Adrian and her lovely family while they were in Denver! Suze is one of my FAVE Twitter acquaintances, and it was awesome to see her in person and spend time talking YA (under […]

Great Finishes, Oration, and D100D

This should be about THREE blog entries, but by the time I realized that was going to happen, it was too late to write them separately! Thing that have been going on with me: I FINISHED MY REWRITE. Gah, that felt good. I had been saving this dark chocolate bunny since Easter on a shelf […]

The Future is NOW!

Way back in 1995, up-and-coming actress Sandra Bullock and hottie Englishman Jeremy Northam starred in a movie that sent every synapse in my brain firing YES, YES, YES!  That movie was called The Net: I haven’t watched The Net recently, but I’m pretty sure anyone watching it now – who’d never seen it before – would look […]

Me Fail

Consider this the public stocks. A place of learning. Someone please throw tomatoes at me – preferably rotten ones. Have I ever mentioned I hate tomatoes? Recently, I swapped 50 pages with someone. We were trying each other on for size as CPs. Now, I have a long sordid history trying to find a great critique […]

You Make My Heart Pound Throbbingly

Recently, I’ve been reading a very successful YA series (NOT Twilight). These books are right up my alley – they’re paranormal, action-filled, humorous, and the concept is unique. And most of all…I am ~swooning~ over the male love interest. *c’thunk, c’thunk, c’thunk* But OMG the writing is atrocious. All through the series I have been asking myself WHY […]

The 25th Hour

PANTS FIRE Rewrite Progress update: 106/270. Let’s not talk about that. It’s funny all the things that run through your mind about a story when you can’t actually work on it. I have a small business that is turning out to be (shockingly) recession-proof, which I am SO thankful for. But unfortunately, the work keeps […]

New Digs

New blog! New month! And darn it, I’m forcing accountability on myself. Here is my measly rewrite progress: 93pages/270 total  On the bright side, I’ve FINALLY made it to the ~all new chapter~. On the dark side, I watched Star Wars III again and Padme was still “woe is my plight as a woman” and Anakin Skywalker […]


Hello, LJ. Yes, I know I have been neglecting you…but you see, I met Twitter. (O_O) Yes, that Twitter. (~_~)No, I don’t think Twitter is better than you…but maybe a little easier to handle when things get tough.(>_<)Ohhh, don’t feel that way, LJ. I still <3 you. )-0_0-(In 140 characters or less.(#_#) So um, yeah…in […]

Insert Big Band Xmas Music Here

Obviously, I survived Thanksgiving — and am a stronger person for the freezing cold air mattress and massacred pumpkin pie. I had no idea you COULD screw up pumpkin pie until my dad tried to make it this year. *shudder* On the plus side, ~amazingly~ I had no flight complications, which is good cuz it keeps […]

The Summertime Prince

This is not a teaser…and anyway it’s officially not Tuesday anymore. I wrote this poem almost two years ago. It’s about the guy who um, initially inspired the *love interest* in MIND FIRE, which I had begun around the same time. Writing the poem got me excited to finish the novel, ~*mah first novel*~, so…it’s definitely not the greatest, […]