Through To You – Release Day!

Today is the day THROUGH TO YOU goes out into the world and ceases to be my book–it now belongs to all of YOU. For months now, it has been finding its way to librarians, book sellers, and reviewers, but TODAY anyone in North America can purchase a copy online or at their local book […]

A Book Is Born

Please excuse my lack of preamble, niceties, etc, because… LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL!   It’s a real live book with a front cover, a back cover, and even inside flaps! The title GLITTERS in the light! You may observe the barcode, ISBN, and swanky new QR code that will send you to a […]

2012 Brings TWO Special Debuts

I rarely get very personal on this blog, but today I’m just going to go all crazy whats-going-on-with-me, so…LOOK OUT! 2012 was already set to be one of the biggest years of my life. I have been entirely focused on NOVEMBER 20 as the date to end all dates (no, they haven’t rescheduled the apocalypse, but it […]

When Hollywood Comes A-Knockin’

About a month ago, shortly after the sale of THROUGH TO YOU to HarperCollins, my literary agent-extraordinaire, Mary Kole, told me there was some “Hollywood interest” in the book. Which, um, AMAZED me. I had no idea people in LA would glance twice at you if you had no book sales or weren’t a YouTube […]


I’m not sure how to write a blog post like this. I’ve never written about getting a book deal before. [Update: I am now on my third try. Coherence, where are you?] So, amazing things have been happening to me this year–and we’re only in February. Maybe it’ll be easier if I cut right to […]