The Summertime Prince

This is not a teaser…and anyway it’s officially not Tuesday anymore. I wrote this poem almost two years ago. It’s about the guy who um, initially inspired the *love interest* in MIND FIRE, which I had begun around the same time. Writing the poem got me excited to finish the novel, ~*mah first novel*~, so…it’s definitely not the greatest, […]

Emo-ly Dickenson

. The fun thing about this is it can EITHER be read to the tune of Gilligan’s Island OR as my new alter-ego Emo-ly Dickenson. Since the real Ms. D never titled her work, neither will I. Cuz it doesn’t DESERVE a title. ;-P So my airline flight got all jacked up no, not into the air […]


 Being as on-top-of-it as I am, I just discovered that April is National Poetry Month. Doh!So just to keep my tardy rhythm consistent, here’s a poem I wrote – back in 2006. I dunno, it still seems appropriate. ‘Burbia Into the undulating sea we plunge, through the waves of pastel siding and asphalt shingles – […]