A Successful Query Letter

(I am cross-posting this with the BRAVE NEW WORDS blog since it might actually be helpful to post my query letter on my own blog) Since I previously blogged rather ecstatically HERE about signing with Mary Kole, I thought I’d focus this Agent Story post on the query letter that set my publication journey in motion. I […]


Yesterday was my queryversary…one month since I sent my first queries. I’ve sent more since then, but I’ve had enough rejections already to fall off my initial I’m-subbing! high. On her blog today Kristin Nelson gave a brief list of what children’s editors are looking for right now. This was the very first thing she listed: “Looking […]

14 Months

So today’s kind of a big day for me. And that got me thinking about the past 14 months. Actually, let me back up, because according to my Word files, MF has officially existed for almost two years. Two Thanksgivings ago, I was playing around with writing more than I had for a long time. […]


 Many things have kept me from LJ this past week… I am waiting for readers to finish reading. Then I’ll be looking for more readers…  I am pounding away at a query letter that sounds amazing and brilliant some moments, and robbed of soul and creativity the next…  My kitty is in the hospital 🙁 She […]