Titles and Doings

Wah! MUCH has been going on here to keep me from posting! One of the most EXCITING was getting to meet Susan Adrian and her lovely family while they were in Denver! Suze is one of my FAVE Twitter acquaintances, and it was awesome to see her in person and spend time talking YA (under […]

The 25th Hour

PANTS FIRE Rewrite Progress update: 106/270. Let’s not talk about that. It’s funny all the things that run through your mind about a story when you can’t actually work on it. I have a small business that is turning out to be (shockingly) recession-proof, which I am SO thankful for. But unfortunately, the work keeps […]

New Digs

New blog! New month! And darn it, I’m forcing accountability on myself. Here is my measly rewrite progress: 93pages/270 total  On the bright side, I’ve FINALLY made it to the ~all new chapter~. On the dark side, I watched Star Wars III again and Padme was still “woe is my plight as a woman” and Anakin Skywalker […]


This blog is on hiatus while I try to determine exactly what I am looking for in blogging, and whether LiveJournal is the right venue for what I seek. Also, I’m really busy rewriting. I can always be found on Twitter.