Scary Movie – 28 DAYS LATER (!!!)

Okay, I purposely avoided information about this movie so that I would receive it in the purest possible form. And I WAS NOT disappointed. 😀 Since everyone in the world has seen it besides me, I’m going to go ahead and talk about ~everything~ (SPOILER ALERT). Firstly, I have to say that 28 Days Later did not leave me *scared* […]

Scary Movie – PHENOMENA

YES! YES! YES! (Ignore the stupid American title, PHENOMENA is best!!) OMG, let me first say that I came to this movie QUITE reluctantly. All I knew about it was that INSECTS played a major role, and that ~creeped~ me out!! I assumed they would be horrific killer-insects that murdered people in disgusting devouring ways. I WAS WRONG. […]

Scary Movie – THE HAUNTING (1963)

Ohhhh yeah, some real SUSPENSE, finally!! THE HAUNTING So, this was a CLASSIC example of a movie that could never live up to the book it was based on. But it was an EXCELLENT attempt! I listened to The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson <3 on audio last week, and Sunday we settled in for […]

Scary Movie(s) – The Others AND Mothman Prophecies

This is going to be a two-fer. This week we’ve watched:             THE OTHERS                       THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES            Okay, so these were both kind of concessions to S, who still needs a night-light. 😉 BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH movies were SCARIER than I anticipated!! I didn’t even think MOTHMAN was supposed to be scary at […]

Scary Movie – BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974)

As promised, BLACK CHRISTMAS was good horror watching!! I had never heard of BLACK CHRISTMAS until a few years ago when S and I started really getting into classic horror. And then I found out it was directed by Bob Clark of A Christmas Story (which previously trampled Miracle on 34th Street as my FAVORITE X-MAS MOVIE EVER), which made […]

October 1st ~ Scaray Movie Beginnings!

Welcome to the FIRST POST in what I hope will be a series cataloging my October SCARAY MOVIE-watching experience. But okay, I’ll point out the obvious. We didn’t get off to the greatest start. I had put this in the queue several months back, inspired by a trip to the REAL Stanley Hotel: You will immediately note that […]