The Future is NOW!

Way back in 1995, up-and-coming actress Sandra Bullock and hottie Englishman Jeremy Northam starred in a movie that sent every synapse in my brain firing YES, YES, YES!  That movie was called The Net: I haven’t watched The Net recently, but I’m pretty sure anyone watching it now – who’d never seen it before – would look […]

New MS Mumbles

So, everyone knows what you do while you wait to hear back on queries, right? You stop obsessing over THAT MS and move on to a NEW one. I guess I’ve reached that stage, only it’s not in MS form yet…people, I am outlining. (!!!!!!!) Never thought I’d say that. And it’s going really well! I […]

Andrew Simpson Smith

So I was listening to NPR today about the uncontacted-by-white-folk tribe of people living in the Amazon… and I could not stop thinking about Andrew Simpson Smith from Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES series. (Have I mentioned I LOVE anthropology?) NPR was debating what the tribe calls themselves, and I seriously doubt they call themselves anything. If they […]