October 1st ~ Scaray Movie Beginnings!

Welcome to the FIRST POST in what I hope will be a series cataloging my October SCARAY MOVIE-watching experience.

But okay, I’ll point out the obvious. We didn’t get off to the greatest start. I had put this in the queue several months back, inspired by a trip to the REAL Stanley Hotel:

You will immediately note that this is NOT the Stanley Kubrick/Jack Nicholson version (which I have seen, and loved). This is a tv miniseries that was filmed ON LOCATION at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO – the place that inspired Stephen King to write THE SHINING (which was ~*SO SPARKLY*~ good). The miniseries stars Steven Weber (that guy from WINGS)and Rebecca De Mornay. When we visited The Stanley, both versions were available in the gift shop…along with souvenir keys to Room 217…Eeeeeek! I did not know about this adaptation of the movie until then, but apparently the hotel runs it 24/7 on its own special channel.

ANYWAY, like I said, this was not the greatest kick-off for October SCARAY MOVIE Madness. Firstly….(do not laugh) this thing came from Netflix with two double-sided disks…and we watched all of Part 2 before realizing what we’d missed (I TOLD you not to laugh!). So the whole time I was thinking what a crappy adaptation it was, and how there was no building up to anything, and the characters were not likeable at all. And then we watched Part 1…and all I can say is…the movie was better for having a Part 1. But that’s it. Sigh…Kubrick did better. The dead lady in the tub looked like she got her costume at Wal-Mart. And though I give this version props for using the animal TOPIARIES which were THE MOST TERRIFYING part of the book (IMHO)… they were scarier in my head.

But everything usually is.

S watched the whole thing from behind my head, under a blanket with me ranting in his ear, "This is NOT SCARY."
*sigh* I have more hope for the next in the queue…Black Christmas (1974). (O_O) Stay tuned…we’re working up to the zombies.

The Stanley

How cool is this??

The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, CO

My parents are in town visiting and driving me crazy (like all good parents do) so yesterday we took a little day trip up to Estes Park. We went hiking (to tiny Gem Lake) and it was absolutely gorgeous. Saw a huge herd of elk, some deer right on the trail, and lots of not very wild little ground squirrels. 

After we climbed back down the mountain, we popped over to The Stanley Hotel for some light refreshments. Squeee! I just finished listening to the superb audio version of Stephen King’s The Shining and so it was extra uber-special to visit the hotel that inspired the story. It was definitely creepy and cool, and I could totally see everything King was thinking. This is a heavy place – you can feel it in the air. The elevator was exactly as he described and gave me the chills. The gift shop had an entire section dedicated the the book and movies, and apparently the hotel runs the two movies 24/7 on one channel. I didn’t even know there was a miniseries movie made in addition to Kubrick’s phenomenal film – and it was filmed at The Stanley. Cool!

Non-guests are not allowed out of the public parts of the hotel (aside from the lobby areas/grounds, there’s a fancy restaurant, but also a nice little cafe in the basement). So I’m working on getting Husband to take me there for some anniversary or something sometime. Just before we left I peeked into the big dining room, billiard, and music rooms. When I approached the music room, I heard a piano playing, which made my hair stand up for a second because I read that people sometimes hear music playing when no one is in there…but then I recognized the tune as “Mad World” by Tears for Fears and saw someone very human playing for a group. LOL.

Anyway, it’s sooo cool when you can visit a real location from one of your favorite books and I highly recommend a visit to Estes Park to anyone visiting Colorado. It’s a very reasonable drive from Denver, there’s tons to do, and everything is so beautiful.