Many things have kept me from LJ this past week…

I am waiting for readers to finish reading. Then I’ll be looking for more readers… 

I am pounding away at a query letter that sounds amazing and brilliant some moments, and robbed of soul and creativity the next… 

My kitty is in the hospital :-( She is 14 and stopped eating/drinking and got all dehydrated and she gets an ultrasound tomorrow. We’re pretty sure she has a mass on her kidney, but don’t know what it’s all about yet. I have had this cat half my life. I got her out of a cardboard box at an Upstate New York street fair. I carried her home inside my shirt because it was raining and she was too young to be away from her mother. She approved of my husband. She is the kind of cat who comes to you for love, but only takes what she wants, and then leaves. You don’t follow. She used to bite quite ferociously when she was younger. Every ounce of her love is earned.

I am reading ~*Breaking Dawn*~ incredibly slowly and don’t want to come across something that spoils it. All I have to say so far is: O_O Happy.

Lip Gloss Lit is Awesome – I won Breaking Dawn!

Hey, I wanted give a shout-out to Amanda, Mary, and Suzanne over at Lip Gloss Lit! 

Back in May they had a contest to win a brand new copy of BREAKING DAWN.

I entered…and promptly forgot about it. But I WON! And just in case you’re curious, in order to win, you had to ask any question they could answer. So thinking about the lip gloss girls, and the prize I asked:

Who is the hottest vampire in literature? Edward, Dracula, Lestat…?

So…what’s your opinion on that? Yay Lip Gloss!  :)

Twilight Apoplexy

This is so silly, but I just watched a Twilight teaser on and I’m sooooooooo excited for this movie! Almost as excited as I am to read Breaking Dawn when it comes out! I know a lot of people have criticisms about Twilight, and Bella, and the “Stephenie Meyer Hype” but it doesn’t change the fact that the books somehow tethered my emotions when I read them, and the movie looks like it’s going to do the same. 

My only problem is, who do I go see this with??? My husband is out – doesn’t like vampires, and like movies LESS. But I can’t just go with anyone. I think I need to see it with someone who has also read the books and loves them, and wants to do heavy comparisons and rehashing upon leaving the theater. ideally, I need a sixteen year-old girl. But I don’t have one! Not even close. One of my BFFs would go with me (and one might even read the books first), but they’re 2,000 miles away – a minor problem.

Guess I have until 12/12 to think about it. But I might just go alone. Nothing is worse than going to a movie you are crawling out of your skin to see – with the wrong person. It’ll be me in the theater – with 300 or so other Edward-salivating young girls. I’m 27. Maybe vampires can offer eternal youth… :-)