Hello, LJ. Yes, I know I have been neglecting you…but you see, I met Twitter.
Yes, that Twitter.
No, I don’t think Twitter is better than you…but maybe a little easier to handle when things get tough.
Ohhh, don’t feel that way, LJ. I still <3 you.
In 140 characters or less.

So um, yeah…in Twitterspeak, this is what I’ve been up to this week:

Damn you guys…I think I might want to rewrite MF…AGAIN.

I was sitting here racking my brain w/ a plot problem for current WIP, and kept getting ideas for MF instead. *headdesk*

Eff eff eff eff eff!! Last year I took a machete to this ms…this year it will be a CHAINSAW.


Desk Revision

Okay so back on July 8th I was in DEEP. I was revising, revising, revising the MS I finally queried two weeks ago…and I was deep in Office Splat. I would like to proclaim that I ~finally~ rented that excavator and managed to pull myself from the heap. Being the day after Halloween, it was much like pulling myself from a GRAVE. :) But I PREVAILED, and here is my PROOF:

                           FOUR MONTHS AGO                                                 TODAY

SAD that it took this long. But hey, at least it HAPPENED! I actually sorted, threw away, and *filed* all those papers (after prying the file cabinet open with a crowbar – it fought NOBLEY for retirement). But I did leave the sticky notes…actually, there have been several sticky note additions, but you know, they don’t really get in the way so much as remind me WHY I’M HERE.

S was so ecstatic, he took me out to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, poor guy. He suffers in silence. He also suggested that my ~*creative energies*~ might flow more freely with the chaos gone…I was actually worrying the opposite when he said it, but my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth in chocolate-peanut-butter cup-cookie-dough cheesecake, so I just nodded.

Moral of the story: Your desk will not eat you…unless you let down your guard. SIT STRONG my fellow writers, we’re in this together.


So…anybody else here hang out on Twitter? I was sitting on a seedy street corner with Courtney Summers and she promised it would take me places I’ve never been. Now I’m thinking about having a direct line inserted into my vein. Seriously, the coolest thing is that It makes it easy to keep up with people while you are bogged down halfway through a revision. :)

And honestly, trying to come up with an answer to “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less is simply an awesome writing exercise.

So make like REM: Follow Me, Don’t Follow Me: 

It’s your choice…but duuuuude, you gotta try it. Totally twittery… ;)