Hello, LJ. Yes, I know I have been neglecting you…but you see, I met Twitter. (O_O) Yes, that Twitter. (~_~)No, I don’t think Twitter is better than you…but maybe a little easier to handle when things get tough.(>_<)Ohhh, don’t feel that way, LJ. I still <3 you. )-0_0-(In 140 characters or less.(#_#) So um, yeah…in […]

Desk Revision

Okay so back on July 8th I was in DEEP. I was revising, revising, revising the MS I finally queried two weeks ago…and I was deep in Office Splat. I would like to proclaim that I ~finally~ rented that excavator and managed to pull myself from the heap. Being the day after Halloween, it was […]


So…anybody else here hang out on Twitter? I was sitting on a seedy street corner with Courtney Summers and she promised it would take me places I’ve never been. Now I’m thinking about having a direct line inserted into my vein. Seriously, the coolest thing is that It makes it easy to keep up with people while you are bogged […]