Ladies and gentlemen, we have word count…

Yes, a whopping 587 brand-spanking ~*sparkly*~ words on the new WIP!!

I’m not officially signed up for NaNo, but I consider myself a member of NaNoWriLife…all the same, I consider myself challenged by my self (possibly more powerful than an internet of other novelists) to crank out the words. DO YOU HEAR THAT, ME??

It might be too sad to do a word-meter, so we’ll just celebrate these words without comparing them to the ones still unwritten. But I am soo excited. :D Also, that DARKNESS thing I was worried about might not be as bad as I thought.

Now if I can just put down MORE words in a 2nd POV, we might actually be going somewhere…

Plot and Tea

MF Rewrite:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,735 / 60,000

Yes, the word count dropped again. -sob- But I won’t know how I feel about that until I’m finished.

Things along the way this week:

-I haven’t made as big a dent in word count, but I have wrassled some serious plot points. SO many loose ends to address – but I don’t think I’ve missed any so far! 

-In the last couple of chapters I have had a character appear that was not in the book until this point. WAIT! I know you’re thinking that is a big fat no-no, but I promise it works…I hope. Getting to this character is actually part of what drives the story. She’s one of those many loose ends. Problem is, I have been so wrapped up in HER, that I’ve kinda let my poor MC go by the way-side. I wrote these great scenes over the weekend that new girl is the star of, but then I was like Where’s my MC??? She’s standing right there, but she’s hardly said two words in as many pages, and I haven’t been letting the reader in on her thoughts at all like I do in the rest of the book. 
Damn. Two steps forward…

-Lots of action is fun to write, but sometimes feels sadistic.

-Self-Doubt and I have been having tea. Lots of it. Sigh.

Word Count

 Mind Fire: Rewrite

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
48,413 / 65,000

Agh, my eyes are crossed. Added almost 5,000 words this weekend – adjusted the projected word count (don’t know how I feel about that) -and the end is in sight!

Interesting things that happened along the way: 

-MC’s ~boyfriend did something I was really not expecting. Like so much, that we argued about it because it really changed the story. I kept saying like, “Are you really going to do that?” And he kept answering, “Just watch me.” And he did. And let me tell you, My MCs best friends are PISSED OFF. 

-I had an epiphany about the epilogue – which is a huge relief because the original was tres cheesy. But now I have to figure  something out… If the whole novel is written in 3rd person close following my MC…can the epilogue be written 3rd person close – about someone else? (obviously a different important character, but it ties up a lot of backstory that’s important about her, and which drove the whole novel). I could write it from the same POV as the rest of the book, but I don’t think it would be as effective…
Anybody got some suggestions/advice??


Fast-drafting! Halfway!

Mind Fire Rewrite:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
38,058 / 70,000

Yay! Exciting! After seeing what pitiful progress I made last month, I’m now three days into a fast-draft session (okay, fast-rewrite?) and with my goal of at least 1,000 words a day I’m getting serious. I should be close to or DONE by the end of the month! Then tweaking and critiquing! Eeeek!

:-) :-) :-)

This isn’t really a teaser…more of a snippet, but:

“Addy? You okay?”

The voice barely reached her. His thoughts were inside hers – her consciousness was flooded. She saw herself, the library, and fire..? Her breathing shallowed.

And then, she knew.

Addy clutched her chest and gasped. Everything went dark.

“That way,” she said, pointing west.

Word Count &c.

Let’s try one of these word-count thingies…
Rewrite Progress:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
31,384 / 70,000

This is for my upper-YA novel, Mind Fire (genre still terribly unidentified – magical realism? There are no fangs, fur, or fey, but there are elements of what some might call “magic” – but I don’t, because I explain it with science. So yeah, stumped.).

For some reason I feel like I need to point out that there really are already 70k words… I just have to finish rewriting about half of them still…



Rewrite Word Count = 26K?

How can 26K words be 100 pages? Did I hit a wrong button? My first draft was 67K and hit about 230 pages… That doesn’t add up to me. But it is 1:00AM, so maybe I should try again in the morning.  God, I hope I didn’t delete something and not realize it… 

EDIT: **couldn’t go to bed without a little math… guess that’s about right after all. Whatever, I’m on page 100!!!**