Now? Or next chapter? (and Snippet!)

I have a crucial bit of information I need to expose in the middle of my book… but I can’t decide when to give it away! MC is mad at her (not quite) boyfriend because he just acted like a complete asshole in the last chapter…but he had a good reason. I need her to find that reason out. Problem is, something is about to happen in another chapter or two to raise the stakes to life/death (directly involving the person BF was an asshole to). Originally, MC found out about his reasoning right after the stakes went up. But that might be too much going on then, and not enough of a carrot dangling now… does this make any sense? Agh!

Snippet for a Saturday!

     “Hey! Sorry, I was practically naked when you got here!” Rhiannon flitted down the staircase like one of the dragonflies embroidered on her gown.
     Even Addy did a double-take as she approached. The delicate silk clung to the redhead’s body, moving in all kinds of distracting ways. Her hair was piled high. Duncan inclined toward her and Addy’s stomach churned. She slammed the front door.
     “I’ll be in the kitchen.”


2 thoughts on “Now? Or next chapter? (and Snippet!)

  1. Nice snippet. 🙂

    Both Gardner (Art of Fiction) and McCormack (Story) discuss this. I think they say to tell the information sooner than later, if it helps the plot. The reader wants some answers, which hopefully create more questions.

    Is there a good reason to wait? If so, wait. If not, try putting it in earlier.

    What I’d do: I’d look at it both ways–using both the emotional and physical plot arcs. Good luck.

    1. Sarah, thanks. 🙂 After much angsting I went ahead and gave it away without waiting. I’m going to leave it like that and see how it all knits together when finished. It wouldn’t be impossible to change later, if a pain.

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