Comic Book Tattoo

By accident, I found out there will be a  comic book tribute to the songs of Tori Amos called Comic Book Tattoo (title from a line in Flying Dutchman). I cannot express how excited I am by this right here, so you will have to imagine me dancing and singing and acting quite silly. 🙂  

I’ve been one of “those” Tori fans since I was about fourteen….the kind that feels a deep spiritual connection to her and doesn’t understand people who don’t get it. I’m not a scary fan, but I am quite serious about it even now. Anyway, I’ve never been into comics, but this just looks incredible:

7 thoughts on “Comic Book Tattoo

  1. That is AWESOME. Also, yay–another EWF! My first concert was one of her shows on the DDI tour. I followed the US leg of the Strange Little Tour, and part of the Scarlet’s Walk one. I haven’t been able to be quite as obsessive a fan since then (college, lack of money, the usual), but she’s still something of a religion for me. 😉

    (Sorry. I got a little excited there for a second. :-D)

    1. YAY for Ears With Feet!!! And good, I was a little hesitant to admit my obsessiveness. Feel free to get excited here. 🙂 My first concert was DDI too, and still remains my absolute fave! The cover for Comic Book Tattoo just blew me away. That is just about the mental image I always had of Flying Dutchman.

      Happy happy sigh…

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