No Teaser, Just Angst

 No teaser today. Instead I’m struggling with a scene that feels very foreign and out of my element. Unfortunately, my characters worked their way into it and I had to tag along. I keep trying to tell them that drugs and alcohol are bad, and that they shouldn’t get so worked up about sexual orientation. But they are angsty teens, and I am the wise person approaching thirty, so of course they refuse to live my boring utopia. 

Scene Synopsis:

Pass the beer… and the blunt… and the cognac. Turn up the dance beat. Your best friend is having a personal crisis, and suddenly she’s looking at you in a way she never has before. Find out your mutual friend is homophobic. Find out she’s stealing your crush. Find out she’s keeping a dark secret. Get hit on by a slurring groping ape. Force yourself to save said ape’s life when no one else can. And you fought with your crush and he left. Welcome to the party. MC and I want to go home…

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