Me = Not a National Security Threat

Apparently I am sooooo not a concern for the US government. I applied for my passport exactly EIGHT days ago, and when I came home today, it was waiting for me. ??? What happened to months of delays and paying premiums for expedited service? Did someone at the USPS go on break, and their pet monkey processed my application while they were away? I even wondered briefly if it was even legit, but my picture is so horrendously bad that it must be real. 

Funny thing is, husband and mother-in-law applied three weeks ago and I was worried about being behind – but they haven’t received anything yet. LOL. Good thing we planned ahead for this October trip…

4 thoughts on “Me = Not a National Security Threat

  1. It makes no sense–but that is the way it is.
    The backlog days are mostly gone. Maybe your husband’s application went into another stack.

    Hint–make sure you don’t need a visa. You won’t if you go to many countries. But it is good to double check. You will be fine if you are going to Europe.

      1. Ooh. A cruise will be fun. I’ve never gone on one.

        I’ve only visited Estonia (neat medieval city of Tallinn), Sweden (cool palace and carriage museum underneath), and Germany. And I’ve lived in Finland and Iceland. I want to visit other places though.

        1. Yes, I’ve never been on a cruise either – hopefully fun! I’ve only been to Europe as a child when I couldn’t appreciate anything, but even then we didn’t get to Germany, nor will we this time. 🙁 I wish!

          We’ll be sticking to the eastern Mediterranean this time. I’ll just have to add those places to the someday list too.

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