Noise Cancellation!

I’m such a geek, but for my birthday this year, I really, really, really wanted some nice noise-cenceling headphones. I have wanted a pair ever since I saw Romancing the Stone with Kathleen Turner when I was a kid. It was still the eighties, but I knew when I saw her wearing big leave-me-alone headphones living in that lonely apartment with her cat, that I HAD to be a writer. ;-D 

So…I got some!

I get so distracted by any little sounds when I write – I can’t wait to see if they really help!

13 thoughts on “Noise Cancellation!

    1. Oooh…loving them so far tonight. I can barely hear my fingers type, or my dogs shifting around. But high-pitched sound still gets in, which is ok with me. If someone screamed in my house, I’d hear it – and I think I’d want to. 🙂

  1. I hope they work great! As for me, I think my ears magically close up when I write, probably due to years of having four kids and their various friends/stereos/musical instruments/etc kicking around the house while I try to work. :p

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