Lip Gloss Lit is Awesome – I won Breaking Dawn!

Hey, I wanted give a shout-out to Amanda, Mary, and Suzanne over at Lip Gloss Lit! 

Back in May they had a contest to win a brand new copy of BREAKING DAWN.

I entered…and promptly forgot about it. But I WON! And just in case you’re curious, in order to win, you had to ask any question they could answer. So thinking about the lip gloss girls, and the prize I asked:

Who is the hottest vampire in literature? Edward, Dracula, Lestat…?

So…what’s your opinion on that? Yay Lip Gloss!  šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Lip Gloss Lit is Awesome – I won Breaking Dawn!

  1. Hmm…I’m still waiting to get turned on by a vampire. (That sounds naughty…) They’re all too broody for me. Maybe I’ll take the vampire in Joann Sfar’s Vampire Loves comic. He has some relationship issues but otherwise I think we’d get along, with the cats, the reading…

    1. I’d guess vampires would have relationship issues! Ha ha! Anyway, there’s always David Bowie in The Hunger…except for it not being literature…and the whole old man part…

      1. haha…oh, damn, the Hunger…I forgot all about that. What a strange movie. I fast-forwarded through all the parts that lacked The Bowie. But he sure looked good when he was around. Although still not as good as The Man Who Fell to Earth.

  2. Congrats on winning book 4.
    As far as the hottest vampire Edward and Ramses are a tie for first with Lestat a close second.

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