Andrew Simpson Smith

So I was listening to NPR today about the uncontacted-by-white-folk tribe of people living in the Amazon… and I could not stop thinking about Andrew Simpson Smith from Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES series. (Have I mentioned I LOVE anthropology?) NPR was debating what the tribe calls themselves, and I seriously doubt they call themselves anything. If they don’t have much contact with others, there would be no reason to have a name for your own tribe. So I suggest we dub them the Andrew Simpson Smith tribe. Because I <3 Scott Westerfeld. And possibly because I drank too much coffee again and I’m up waayyy too late…damn.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Simpson Smith

    1. RUN – do NOT walk to your nearest YA section and BUY the entire series. Or order them on amazon if you’re too far in the boondocks. 😉 Or download and listen on audible right this second.
      Changed. My. Life.
      I will admit Uglies was a …little… slow to get off the ground – but OMG! And Pretties is EVEN BETTER. My whole view of the world is changed and I DESPERATELY want to own a hoverboard. BAD.

      One day I will have a job where can I sleep in as long as I want and stay in my pajama pants and sip coffee all day. Until then…there may be the potential for too much coffee on weeknights. 😛

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