Plot and Tea

MF Rewrite:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,735 / 60,000

Yes, the word count dropped again. -sob- But I won’t know how I feel about that until I’m finished.

Things along the way this week:

-I haven’t made as big a dent in word count, but I have wrassled some serious plot points. SO many loose ends to address – but I don’t think I’ve missed any so far! 

-In the last couple of chapters I have had a character appear that was not in the book until this point. WAIT! I know you’re thinking that is a big fat no-no, but I promise it works…I hope. Getting to this character is actually part of what drives the story. She’s one of those many loose ends. Problem is, I have been so wrapped up in HER, that I’ve kinda let my poor MC go by the way-side. I wrote these great scenes over the weekend that new girl is the star of, but then I was like Where’s my MC??? She’s standing right there, but she’s hardly said two words in as many pages, and I haven’t been letting the reader in on her thoughts at all like I do in the rest of the book. 
Damn. Two steps forward…

-Lots of action is fun to write, but sometimes feels sadistic.

-Self-Doubt and I have been having tea. Lots of it. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Plot and Tea

  1. Dropping word count is a reason to celebrate. That means your story is tightening. (I have cut many words–and that is okay. Every word I wrote was essential.)

    Have fun writing.

    1. Hey Sarah, good to hear from you! I know I know, I keep telling myself it’s a good thing…but I was kind of aiming for 65-70k total, and I may not even reach 60k, so that’s taking some getting used to. Eeek.
      Happy Travels!

      1. Short can be a little easier to sell to an agent or editor. Shelf space is a consideration, and most books will not be super long. There are a lot of YA books in the 40k to 50K range.

        Your story will naturally want to be a length, so go with that and don’t worry too much about word count. You are at a good length–not super short and not super long.

  2. It’s not how many words there are or aren’t, it’s all in how you use ’em! Congrats on all your progress! Wrassling some serious plot points is definite cause for celebration, IMO. Good luck with the new character, and DON’T FALL PREY TO SELF DOUBT. If you do… maybe I will just find the most menacing smiley I can and post it in your livejournal, so there.

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