The Kiss of Fire

MF Rewrite:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
57,174 / 58,500

Only the epilogue to go!!*

*erm, and some major editing…doh. But I started June with under 35k! So Boo-yah. 

Um, I’ll update more when this is done…I’m feeling a bit zombie right now. I realize this looks incredibly boring now, standing back, looking at this post…so I will come forth with a teaser perhaps, and maybe even tell you :

8 thoughts on “The Kiss of Fire

  1. !!!!!! Wow, you are pwning, woman! I feel so bad for abandoning the fast draft thread. June threw me for a loop and I’m still trying to get it back. But your progress is making me all *Rocky theme music* inside! Go Emily!!!



    1. Aw, no worries! I tried to step up and cheer on the fast-drafters in your honor. July is a new month…I may have to join the new thread just so I don’t get lonely!! 🙁

      I am now searching itunes for the Rocky Theme (which is not procrastinating) and shall play it if I finish before I fall asleep. Damn sleep.

      Stay tuned… 😉

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