Down In It

I feel a bit guilty about choking off the oxygen to my blog, but these revisions are owning me. And I realized today that I haven’t cleaned off my desk in…longer than I’m willing to say…because ofthis BOOK. Agh! Luckily, S respects this as my space and doesn’t care if I crap it up (the food table is another thing). But today I stepped back for a minute and felt the shame. I MUST finish revising so I can send this thing off for crits and rent an EXCAVATOR.

Just to expose myself completely to head shakes and tsk tsks, there are at least three months+ of bank statements and a wedding invite RSVP I haven’t sent yet in that thing on the wall (I’m IN that wedding – so um, yeah)…There are Christmas cards, receipts, bills (paid/unpaid), uncountable sticky notes on every surface available (I have a sticky note problem – I stick sticky notes to sticky notes – I have a notebook that I write stuff in, and then stick sticky notes on top of the pages), a three pount free weight, two car registration renewals, an extra laptop battery, a christmas ornament, a birthday hat for my dog, a baseball hat I got for free, ~10 CDs in boxes, 2 loose, a copy of UGLIES I heart too much to put away, oh — and LOTS of CAT HAIR.

I know what you’re thinking…what about that nice black file cabinet…hmmm? I think it rusted shut.

8 thoughts on “Down In It

  1. I’m smiling because I recently took a picture of the disaster that is my office, thinking I would post it on LJ along with a picture of my newly organized office.

    Still working toward that second photo!

    (I totally did not break radio silence to write this)


    1. You mean twitter-silence? Hee. (actually that’s totally keeping me going – I might shrivel up and lose the will to type without a random feed of Courtney comments to brighten my ‘tude.)

      Well, if we don’t beat them, they might beat us, and mine is looking pretty painful around 240 pages, so um…RUN!

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