Radio Silence / Buried Under Dogs

Honestly I doubt anyone’s missing my amazingly insightful and esoteric posts and comments, but I’ve been scanning through everyone else’s posts that I’ve missed recently and trying to catch up on some comments, and just don’t want anyone to think I have disappeared into cyberspace – does anyone call it that anymore? 

My revision is going well. Here is an excerpt from my notes: 

Ok listen: tomorrow just save as a new experimental doc and rewrite the scenes. Most can be cut and pasted around. Just mention the TK, but don’t fully explain.

F*CK F*CK. This is going to change the car ride and Addy’s thoughts along the way too. Are you sure this is right???

Okay, rewrite ONLY the scene in the woods – just that to start. See if IT works better.

If it does, slam head into desk and do the others too.

-But there isn’t time for this in woods – Addy is only sneaking away. Can’t say TK without MUCH explanation. Need more time. (Course, this is a prob in mall too – but she gets in trouble then).

So yeah, just when you think all you have to do is proofread, these scenes you forgot all about from the beginning of your novel come back and bite you in the arse. Hard. 

Oh, and some months ago I agreed to take care of my friend’s dogs.

Easy enough, right? Except she’s super-dog-lady and I am now running a canine intensive care unit. And trying to revise. I have a really old great pyrenees of my own, and a 5-yr-old standard poodle. For the next TEN days I also have in my house two yellow labs (shedding machines), one of which has cancer, and a one-eyed newfoundland. And my two cats. Oh, and two of the dogs eat raw meat for their food and require ginormous amounts of supplements that she very sweetly arranged into four different SMTWTFS granny boxes – for each dog. There’s more, but I’m starting to sound whiney. I love this friend and she’d do the same for me in a heartbeat. They are all very nice dogs and obviously I love animals – it’s mostly the time-suck of making sure everyone gets fed/medicated/pottied…and then there will be “accidents.” 

Anyway, if anyone is wondering…this is where I am. I have lofty goals of finishing my revisions this weekend since I’m kind of tied to home anyway…HA. We’ll see about that. I stand at 40% – paralyzed, cutting and pasting… See you soon world…

4 thoughts on “Radio Silence / Buried Under Dogs

  1. Your revision notes look exactly like the inside of my brain. Very sensibly, I have failed to write down my revision notes this time around. I seem to think I can hold them all in my head. Yeah… Because THAT’S working out soooo well… *grits teeth*

    1. Yeah, I finally pushed past that part, but thought I’d leave it up to remind myself to keep pushing. All the rest are in red. I’ve been putting down problems as I think of them, and then deleting when I feel they are resolved. I LOVE DELETE. 😉

  2. I got to all the swears in your notes and I was like HER NOTES ARE LIKE MY NOTES. 🙂

    Hang in there! Don’t be too hard on yourself–you’ve got a lot under your belt right now. We can win our books next week! And if not next week before the month’s over (does the month end in a week? Aaaah!)


    1. We have better than a week – 11 days!! That’s a really really long time…right??? Sob. And don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m kinda glad you’re not finishing each week along with me – we’re like not-finishing-our-novels-buddies!!!!

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