X-Files & SHOES

Went to see X-Files: I Want to Believe last night (Eeeeeeeeee!!!). It was SHORT, but sooooo good, although it felt a bit like another tv episode and less like a feature film. But it was SO cool to see Scully and Mulder again that I DID NOT CARE. In my completely biased opinion, X-Files is one of the best tv shows ever made. It had a little bit of everything – scariness, humor, drama, the unexplained, and thought-provoking complicated plots. Thank you, Chris Carter. But I MISS IT.

Also…we were killing a bit of time before the movie started, and I am in need of a pair of shoes to wear with a bridesmaid gown (I had no training in how to be a girl growing up, so can anyone tell me – is it ok to wear black shoes with a navy blue dress?). So we wandered into a little shoe shop downtown and I found these:

Which are green patent and do NOT go with the navy bridesmaid dress. BUT they’re sooooooo cute. And they were 50% off, so I got ’em in black too. Damn Gemini tendencies. However…we did a bit of walking after that, and I now have blisters on each foot the size of a sixth toe. And they felt so comfortable in the store…so I have invested in some bandaids and am determined to wear these until they are tolerable, or until part of my foot dies and sloughs off. 

I have possibly the worst legs ever bestowed on a woman, so when I find a shoe that even mildly disguises that problem, I have to get it. But S watched me hobble and sob to the car at the end of the night and thinks I am crazy. I pointed out that they merely needed to be broken in and this was NOTHING compared to Chinese foot-binding. Besides, they’re SO CUTE!

6 thoughts on “X-Files & SHOES

  1. YAY! Shoes 🙂

    As far as the navy bridesmaid dress, I’d pass on the black shoes. Your best bet would be going with a silver/metallic shoe that shows a lot of your feet. Like strappy sandals with a stiletto heel. Some people will probably tell you to get navy shoes, but I have yet to find a navy shoe I love. Some people will tell you to get white, but that will draw attention to your feet, plus it might look really nautical. Okay, I’m rambling, aren’t I?

    I love the toe on your green shoes, btw!

    1. I was hoping you would comment! See how I seduced you with my shoe picture? 😉 Thank you soooo much for the bridesmaid advice. I had a weird feeling about the black shoe, so needed to ask! This is a fancy New York wedding and it would be SO SO bad if I made a mistake. I will make a different one I’m sure…but hopefully not fashion-related. Last time I went to one back east some NASTY biatch hissed that my bra strap was showing!! God-effing-forbid. I can’t help it – I’m from Colorady! Yee-haw… 😉

    1. She is my bff from forever – like, we went to preschool together. I’m really stoked about the wedding and the dress is actually pretty! (!!!) And she totally won’t care what shoes I get (obv since she gave us the choice). It’s everyone else I’m worried about. 😉

    2. Hey! Wanted to say thanks again – I went out tonight and scored a pair of silver metallic strappy princess heels. I didn’t do stilletos because it’s a floor-length gown, and I’m taller than most of the bridesmaids and bride already, and because I’m not well practiced in walking in them and don’t want it to interfere with my bridesmaidly duties. They look great with the dress and now I can finally have it altered! Thx! You rock!

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