Many things have kept me from LJ this past week…

I am waiting for readers to finish reading. Then I’ll be looking for more readers… 

I am pounding away at a query letter that sounds amazing and brilliant some moments, and robbed of soul and creativity the next… 

My kitty is in the hospital 🙁 She is 14 and stopped eating/drinking and got all dehydrated and she gets an ultrasound tomorrow. We’re pretty sure she has a mass on her kidney, but don’t know what it’s all about yet. I have had this cat half my life. I got her out of a cardboard box at an Upstate New York street fair. I carried her home inside my shirt because it was raining and she was too young to be away from her mother. She approved of my husband. She is the kind of cat who comes to you for love, but only takes what she wants, and then leaves. You don’t follow. She used to bite quite ferociously when she was younger. Every ounce of her love is earned.

I am reading ~*Breaking Dawn*~ incredibly slowly and don’t want to come across something that spoils it. All I have to say so far is: O_O Happy.

4 thoughts on “Pfftthht.

    1. Thank you. She came home, but is back in the hospital. It’s not looking good. Kidney cancer at best, but she kind of crashed today and her respiration went way down. There might be something wrong with her heart/lungs. We’ll see. Thanks so much for the thoughts. Hug your cat.

  1. I am sending all good thoughts to your kitty. I really hope that she improves. She sounds like a fighter, and if she’s your cat, that’s just an added plus in her corner. Lots of good thoughts to her and you (having ill pet is SO hard, so take care of you).


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