Non-Writer Feedback lolz

This was too good not to share…

My sister is reading my MS right now (thought a little non-writer feedback couldn’t hurt), and some of the things she said are just making me LOL…

(In response to a very irresponsible character giving a friend’s address/phone# to a boy)
“Giving out a street address is just irresponsible, not a good example to set for young readers (sorry, but I watch Dateline!)”

(In response to a conversation foreshadowing a character’s homophobia)
“You don’t want to alienate your gay audience with the ‘ew’, I would go for ‘damn” instead…”

(In reponse to MC following a boy to a place where they can talk alone)
“No woman should ever go somewhere isolated with a guy she doesn’t know!!!”

SO my very next novel will be about girls who carry tasers for their own protection, beat guys over the head for even TALKING to them, and only refer to homosexuals as homosexuals, while smiling and holding their arms out to embrace them just like REAL PEOPLE DO. And it will have a guide in the back that gives instructions on what responsible teenagers SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do. 

I love my sister. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Non-Writer Feedback lolz

  1. oh, that totally cracks me up. I’ve had some of those kind of comments from non-writers too. It’s like, um, “they’er CHARACTERS. Not Presidential candidates.” ha.

  2. … AHAHHAAHHAHA. I love your sister. Oh my God, that’s hilariously awesome.

    (sorry, but I watch Dateline!)


    That next novel though… I think you’re onto something…


    1. OMG, if you knew my sister, you would know that she is DEAD serious about the Dateline thing!! LOL.

      I’m *so* hanging onto that premise. That book has awesomeness written all over it.

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