Who needs Xanax when you have M&Ms?

Flying home to Upstate NY tonight to be in my BFF’s wedding. Writing this blog from Denver International Airport (props for free Wifi), so excuse any rushing/typos on my part. I plan on freaking out when they start to board in a little bit…

S is actually worse about this than me. He cannot fly without heavy doses of Xanax, advil, his ipod turned way up, and noise-cancelling headphones (I actually just wrote “ear-cancelling” wow). I tried some of his Xanax once…it was not a pleasant experience. I felt all groggy and heavy, and not in control of my limbs. I freaked out WORSE because I thought I wouldn’t be able to react if something happened…like, I could *totally* stop the plane from crashing if I wasn’t on drugs. Fo sho. 

So since that went so badly, I have resorted to good old chocolate-induced dopamine and lots of denial. I pull the window shade down, and pretend I’m NOT thousands of feet in the sky. I read trash-mags, which I’m usually never interested in. (Did you HEAR about poor Jamie-Lynn’s betrayal??) But after a while, you get airplane-mouth. So you have to balance your chocolate with something fruity. This trip I opted for a combination of M&Ms and Skittles. Handy & discreet. Not many pesky wrappers, and small enough to suck on without chewing. But I did bring the ear-cancellers. 

Now to obsess over the fact that I *must* have left something crucial at home. Besides my husband (sniff). It’s weird flying thru Washington when all of Washington is in Denver…heh. And there is a college girl sitting next to me who knows EVERYTHING!!! The world is SAVED. Well, they’ve started to board…time to break out the M&Ms…see ya’ll in the Eastern time zone!

4 thoughts on “Who needs Xanax when you have M&Ms?

  1. Yeah, I dislike flying. I used to hate it, but I’ll upgrade it to a dislike. And anything mood-altering or drug-like freaks me out, so I just have to sit there and deal with it.

    Although actually I HAVE to look out the window or I’ll get nauseous, funny enough. I always feel like I have more control if I can see out the window.

    1. Whew! I made it! Isn’t it funny how stupid things like windows make us feel in control? Shade up…shade down… Although for some inexplicable reason, as soon as we took off this time, I started *bawling* (ooh embarrassing, damn those hormones). Sigh. Now all I have to do is get thru this wedding and make it back next week!

  2. (Did you HEAR about poor Jamie-Lynn’s betrayal??)

    I HAVEN’T. Spill!

    Glad you made it. I have never flown before and I am not convinced I need to start. Although it will make future plans of world travelling difficult. Oh wells.

    – courtney

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