Emo-ly Dickenson


The fun thing about this is it can EITHER be read to the tune of Gilligan’s Island OR as my new alter-ego Emo-ly Dickenson. Since the real Ms. D never titled her work, neither will I. Cuz it doesn’t DESERVE a title. ;-P

So my airline flight got all jacked up
no, not into the air
the computers in Chicago blitzed
and my plane was just not there.

Her plane was just not there.

So my moms comes back to get my arse
from the airport late at night
and "yer father will take you at 6AM
cuz that’s inconvenient." Right.

And tomorrow will be so much fun
I will hardly feel the pain
when my connection is missed once again
and I wish I’d taken the train.

Wish I’d taken the TRAIN,,,,

p.s. I’m flying UNITED AIRLINES in case anyone wanted to know.

6 thoughts on “Emo-ly Dickenson

  1. Oh, man! Okay, that really sucks, but I’m laughing anyway. Great poetry there, girl. And what is it with United? My husband’s work always sends him with United and it’s a given delay of eight hours!!

  2. I am sorry for your pain.
    It has brought about this literary amazingness.

    ALSO–all of this flight trauma is totally fodder for your A&E biography! Just think of it that way!!

    – courtney

    1. Yes. I think I should be nominated for Emo-Poet Laureate, no?

      But in actuality, the flight trauma did not end up being all that biography-worthy. Nothing bad REALLY happened – THIS time. Now, the time our engine surged and we had to emergency land with the ENTIRE Syracuse University basketball team on board the year they were pwning the Final Four? THAT was bio-worthy. 😉

  3. Ooh, Flux is a place on Earth…

    It’s great that there’s an actual google map of “Flux.”
    Also, next time Emo-ly writes a Dickensonian poem, it needs MORE DASHES! — — — —
    — — — — — — —
    And so forth.

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